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Peru and Children and young people

  • Capital: Lima
  • Population: 29907003
  • Size: 1285220.0 Km2

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The BLDS children & young people collection
The BLDS children & young people collection
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The effect of cocaine reduction policies on child labour, Peru
A. Dammert / Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn 2007
What impact do coca eradication policies aimed at reducing the production and distribution of cocaine in the Andes have on households? This paper examines the shift in the production of coca leaves from Peru to Colombia in 1995 to ana...
Policy interventions in fighting child poverty
M. Lyytikainen; N. Jones; S. Huttly; T. Abramsky / Young Lives 2007
This paper explores the ability of children living in poverty to access multiple basic services. The study draws on a sample of over 8,000 children in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam. The authors argue that children denied ac...
Improving hygiene as part of community child health programmes in Peru and Nicaragua
M. Favin / Environmental Health Project 2004
This report, published by the USAID’s Environmental Health Project, examines projects in Peru and Nicaragua which gave counselling to families on better hygiene, as part of a child health strategy called Community Integrated Mana...
How having a newborn child affects income and livelihoods of families in Peru
J. Escobal; P. Suárez; S. Huttly; C.F. Lanata; M.E. Penny; E. Villar / Save the Children Fund 2005
This study investigates whether income diversification strategies for households that have a newborn are hampered, and if so, what the implications for the child wellbeing at critical stages of the development. The paper describes the...
Impacts of trade liberalisation on children and young people in Peru and Ethiopia
P. Pereznieto; N. Jones / Young Lives 2005
This brief looks at the ways in which trade liberalisation can impact on children, and uses two case studies, Peru and Ethiopia, to verify how these impacts play out in practice. The paper argues that the effects that structural polic...
Sexual, substance and violence risks: Peruvian youth
F.R. León; M.L. Claux / Development Experience Clearinghouse, USAID 2004
This paper looks at the three particularly high behavioural risks youth face in Peru’s central-eastern coca cropping areas – sexual risks; use of alcohol and drugs; and violence against women. It also examines the resources ...
Expanding health infrastructure has small but positive effect on child health in Peru
M. Valdivia 2004
This paper examines the effect of expanding health infrastructure on child nutrition in rural Peru. The authors use econometric analysis to determine the effect of expanded health infrastructure during the last decade. Key find...
An analysis of social, ethnic, and regional determinants of child health in the Andes
C. Larrea; P. Montalvo; A.M. Ricaurte / Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales 2004
The authors suggest that child malnutrition severely jeopardises, reduces or impairs prospects for productive social participation in adulthood. The authors propose that it is a major hindrance to human development (defined as a proce...
Review of education programmes in the Safe Passages to Adulthood programme
I. Warwick; P. Aggleton / Centre for Sexual Health Research, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Southampton 2002
This document outlines discussions from the Expert meeting for the Safe Passages to Adulthood programme, where researchers, practitioners and policy makers explored the potential of education to protect against HIV/AIDS, as well as th...
Statistics on childhood poverty in Andhra Pradesh
S. Galab; M. Gopinath Reddy; P. Antony; A. McCoy; C. Ravi; D. Seerama Raju; K. Mayuri; P. Prudhivikar Reddy / Young Lives 2003
Young Lives: An International Study of Childhood Poverty aims at improving our understanding of the causes and consequences of childhood poverty in the developing world, and at informing policy to reduce it. In each of four developing...
Items 1 to 10 of 15

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