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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone
  • Capital: Freetown
  • Population: 5245695
  • Size: 71740.0 Km2

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A community-­driven approach to reducing teenage pregnancy in Sierra Leone: midline evaluation brief
Save the Children Fund 2014
Preliminary evidence from a 2009 global evidence review suggested that community-based child protection mechanisms are likely to be more effective and sustainable if they are linked with formal aspects of the child protection system. ...
Empowering women and girls to improve nutrition: building a sisterhood of success
Scaling Up Nutrition 2016
As evidence has long suggested, gender inequality can be a cause as well as an effect of hunger and malnutrition. Not surprisingly, higher levels of gender discrimination are associated with higher levels of both acute and chr...
Never again: building resilient health systems and leaning from the Ebola crisis
Oxfam 2016
It took the threat of a global health crisis to illustrate the failings of Africa’s health systems. Resilient health systems, free at the point of use, are evidently a global public good. They are essential for the provision of u...
The role of social protection programmes in supporting education in conflict-affected situations
R. Holmes / UNESDOC: Online UNESCO documents 2010
This background paper examines the role of social protection programmes in supporting education in conflict-affected contexts. It looks at the impact, design and implementation issues of social protection programme experience in ...
Rebuilding health systems in conflict-affected states: Sierra Leone
ReBUILD Consortium 2015
Sierra Leone is almost at the bottom in the Human Development Index, ranking 180th out of 187 countries. There is significant gender inequality where a mere 23% of women are literate, half the rate among men, while domestic violence i...
Building a motivated health workforce during and post the ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone
ReBUILD Consortium 2015
The already weak health care delivery sector in Sierra Leone has been further overburdened with the Ebola outbreak. All efforts made towards strengthening the health system and working towards providing equitable access to healthcare ...
Lessons for developing countries from experience with technical and vocational education and training
C. Kingombe / International Growth Centre 2012
Globalisation and technological changes to economies necessitate enhancement of literacy education and training. This paper focuses on the draft national technical and vocational education and training (TVET) policy for Sierra Leone (...
Leach post-2015 development and Ebola JID pre-proof.pdf
M. Leach / Journal of International Development 2015
This article argues that the recent Ebola crisis is the result of structural violence, as interlocking institutions have produced interlaced inequalities, unsustainabilities and insecurities. These have underlain the vulnerabilities i...
Sierra Leone - state of the marine environment 2015
GRID Arendal 2015
The Government of Sierra Leone recognizes the threats to the coastal and marine environment from anthropogenic sources as well as from global climate change which is one of the biggest challenges of our generation that threatens the n...
The impact of earned and windfall transfers on livelihoods and conservation in Sierra Leone
International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2015
Using a randomised controlled trial in Sierra Leone, this report measures the impact of a transfer program aimed at alleviating poverty and reducing pressure on the natural environment. The research finds that the way in which aid is ...
Items 1 to 10 of 274

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