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  • Capital: Singapore
  • Population: 4701069
  • Size: 692.7 Km2

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Accenture Report, Digital-Government pathway to delivering public services for the future. A comparative study of digital government performance across 10 countries
Accenture true / Accenture 2014
Accenture’s digital government research evaluates the current implementation levels of digital services, the overall service delivery experience and citizens’ satisfaction levels across 10 countries—Brazil, Germany, ...
A step-by-step guide to election processes and cost
M.S. Austria / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2002
East Asia has been caught with regionalism in recent years. There has been a proliferation of bilateral and regional trading arrangement initiatives across the region. Long known for their support to the multilateral framework under t...
State of competition in the insurance industry: selected Asian countries
M.S. Milo / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2003
The 1997 Asian financial crisis highlighted the danger of firms’ heavy reliance on bank financing and led to the conclusion that Asian countries should develop capital markets as alternative sources of financing. Given the domin...
Implications of an RP-US FTA on the Philippine financial services industry and the Philippine economy
L. Calderon-Kabigting; L.S. Patiu / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2006
The Philippines to remain competitive in the dynamic finance world has introduced reforms into its financial system. In the 80s and 90s, the Philippine financial system underwent reforms covering the banking industry, financial market...
Foreign labor in Singapore: trends, policies, impacts, and challenges
C.S. Yue / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2011
Singapore has one of the most open economies in Asia in terms of trade, foreign direct investment inflows and foreign labour inflows. By 2010, citizens formed only 63.6% of the population and foreigners (not including permanent reside...
Annotated bibliography on developmental states, political settlements and citizenship formation: towards increased state capacity and legitimacy?
L. Routley / Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre 2012
Policymakers and academics agree that an effective state is the foundation for inclusive development, whilst also recognising the critical role of non-state actors in the delivery of goods and services to poor people. This compilation...
The political dynamics of economic growth
K. Sen / Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre 2012
This survey article is an assessment of what is known about the political determinants of economic growth, i.e. the role of political factors in explaining why some countries’ economies grow faster than others. The paper suggest...
The geography of trade and the environment: the case of CO2 emissions
S. Bensassi; L. Márquez-Ramos; I. Martínez-Zarzoso / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2011
According to recent theoretical developments, there are three key channels through which trade affects the environment: the first is via its effect on the scale of economic activity, the second is via a composition effect and the thir...
Integrated paradigm for sustainable development: a panel data study
H. Abou-Ali; Y.M. Abdelfattah / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2011
In the developing world, there is a clear trade-off between economic growth and environmental security. This paper states that the concept of sustainable development requires countries all over the world to use their natural resources...
Foreign Labor in Singapore: Rationale, Policies, Impacts, and Issue
S.Y. Chia / Philippine Journal of Development 2011
Singapore has one of the most open economies in Asia in terms of trade, capital inflows, and foreign labor inflows. The foreign labor policy is dual track, with measures to attract foreign talent and control the inflow of low-skilled ...
Items 1 to 10 of 93

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