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Somalia and Children and young people

  • Capital: Mogadishu
  • Population: 10112453
  • Size: 637657.0 Km2

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The BLDS children & young people collection
The BLDS children & young people collection
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Children in armed conflict: current trends and concerns
Reliefweb 2007
This document is the annual report from the Secretary-General. It details progress in the implementation of SC Resolution 1612 – ending the recruitment and use of children in armed conflict and its monitoring and reporting mecha...
The impact of emergencies on women and children
United Nations Children's Fund 2007
This Humanitarian Action Report 2007 outlines UNICEF’s appeal for children and women in 33 emergencies around the world. In each country it looks at critical issues for children, key actions and achievements in 2006 and planned h...
Legality and prevalence of corporate punishment in East and Southern Africa
Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children 2005
This report reviews law and policy in relation to corporal punishment and deliberate humiliation of children in each state in East and Southern Africa. The paper assesses the human rights standards in the region, with particular atten...
Violence against children in Eastern and Southern Africa
F. Zuberi / United Nations Children's Fund 2005
This study provides an extensive picture of violence against children in Eastern and Southern Africa, providing regional and country specific information on national legal and policy frameworks and enforcements. It focuses on violence...
Adolescents play key roles in peace building: case studies from around the world
United Nations Children's Fund 2004
Nine case studies are presented in this paper to demonstrate how participation in peace building enhances the protection of adolescents in conflict and post conflict situations. It also aims to illustrate how participation contributes...
Smuggling of Somali children into Europe and North America
Integrated Regional Information Networks, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) 2003
This is a report on the problems that Somali unaccompanied children suffer. It looks at the personal experiences and vulnerabilities of children who, at huge cost, have been smuggled into European and North American countries without ...
The commercial sale of camel milk from pastoral herds in the Mogadishu hinterland, Somalia
U. Herren / Pastoral Development Network, ODI 1990
Traditional subsistence pastoral systems in East Africa are typically geared towards the output of calves and milk for human consumption. The production of meat (though not unimportant) is subsidiary to the calf-milk operation. Develo...
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