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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
  • Capital: Colombo
  • Population: 21513990
  • Size: 65610.0 Km2

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Innovative practices for connecting small-scale producers with local and regional markets
International Institute for Environment and Development 2007
Rapid changes are taking place in agri-food markets in middle and low-income countries and small-scale agriculture, which supports the livelihoods of the majority of rural poor, is poorly prepared for these changes. These 8 case studi...
Organising home-based workers in South and South East Asia
D. L. Doane / Chronic Poverty Research Centre, UK 2007
This paper examines the relationship between home-based work and persistent poverty in certain parts of South and South East Asia. The author argues that an expanded conception of social protection is needed if poverty prevention init...
Examining safety dimensions in rural transport
International Forum for Rural Transport and Development 2007
This paper by the International Forum for Rural Transport and Development reports on five studies in India, Peru, Cameroon, Madagascar and Sri Lanka that explore how rural transport safety issues affect the lives of women, men and chi...
Examining inequality, growth and poverty in 17 Asian countries
H.H. Son / Asian Development Bank 2007
This paper examines the relationships between economic growth, income distribution, and poverty for 17 Asian countries for the period 1981–2001. The author uses an inequality–growth trade-off index (IGTI) to analyse the tr...
Allocation of sufficient public resources and policies of universal access to health care can ensure greater benefits for poor people  
O. O'Donnell; E. van Doorslaer; R. P. Rannan-Eliya / Equitap 2005
This paper by EQUITAP examines the benefit incidence of public health care subsidies in eleven Asian territories including India, Indonesia, and two provinces of China. Distinguishing between hospital and non-hospital care, and inpati...
Prepayment mechanisms can protect poor households from unforeseen medical costs
O. O'Donnell; E. van Doorslaer; R. P. Rannan-Eliya / Equitap 2005
Heavy reliance on out of pocket (OOP) financing of health care in most developing countries leaves households exposed to the risks of unforeseen medical expenditures. This paper looks at the incidence of catastrophic medical expenditu...
Recommendations for improving access to and quality of emergency obstetric services in Sri Lanka
P. C. Gunasekera; P. S. Wijesinghe; I. M. R. Goonewardene / World Health Organization 2002
This paper, in the South East Asia Regional Health Forum, discusses ways of reducing maternal mortality in Sri Lanka. Whilst the maternal mortality rate in Sri Lanka compares favourably with that of other countries in the region, much...
Addressing the problem of cross- border child trafficking in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia
R. Coomaraswamy; A. Satkunanathan / International Labour Organization 2006
What are the inadequacies of the legal frameworks addressing the problem of cross- border trafficking? This extensive paper looks at international legal frameworks, and regional conventions. It highlights inadequacies of the legal fra...
Soaring inequality to undermine growth in Asia
I. Ali; J. Zhuang / Asian Development Bank 2007
Asia’s impressive economic growth is being complemented by soaring inequalities. This paper argues that if rising income and non-income inequalities are not addressed, there is a major risk to continued social and economic progr...
Reducing poverty in Sri-Lanka: could the government do better?
A.G.W. Nanayakkara / Department of Census & Statistics, Sri Lanka 2007
This paper discusses the methodology that is being used by the Department of Census and Statistics (DCS) in computing Official Poverty Line (OPL).. It also gives the definitions of various measures used in measuring poverty for resear...
Items 1 to 10 of 201

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