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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
  • Capital: Colombo
  • Population: 21513990
  • Size: 65610.0 Km2

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The BLDS print collection

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Can distance learning encourage more women in Asia to participate in higher education?
A. Kanwar; M. Taplin / Commonwealth of Learning 2001
The document presents a number of case studies exploring women's participation in higher education. It is noted that a number of factors have traditionally hindered women's education at this level and that distance education can addre...
How do the urban poor obtain information and develop knowledge?
T. Schilderman / Practical Action [Intermediate Technology Development Group] 2002
Poor men and women living in urban informal settlements do need knowledge and information to cope with risks and improve their livelihoods, but they sometimes find it hard to access. How do the urban poor obtain information and develo...
Case studies, resource guides and management guide for fisheries planners and managers.
United Nations [UN] Environment Programme 2002
This report is one of eight thematic reviews prepared for the Biodiversity Planning Support Programme (BPSP), a programme created to help countries strengthen national capacity to prepare and implement National Biodiversity Strategies...
Cost benefit analysis of Asian export processing zones
K Jayanthakumaran / Department of Economics, University of Wollongong, Australia 2002
This paper surveys the literature on the performance of Export Processing Zones (EPZs), focusing on research that has used a benefit-cost analytical framework. The paper evaluates the future of EPZs in the light ...
Forced migration and war in Sri Lanka
N. Shanmugaratnam / Noragric, Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Norwegian University of Life Sciences 2000
This study investigates forced migrations resulting from internal war in Sri Lanka. The study examines the impact of long-term displacement of large numbers of Muslim immigrants on the political economy of the host areas in Puttalam. ...
Developing country perpective on TRIPS and access to medicines
World Trade Organization 2001
Draft proposal by a grouping of less developed and developing countries for a declaration at the fourth WTO ministerial conference in Doha, Qatar. Outlines the general position of those countries with respect to implementation of the ...
The Uruguay Round and South Asia : an overview of the impact and opportunities
Nader Majd / Policy Research Working Papers, World Bank 1995
South Asia remains less liberal in trade policy than East Asia, including China. The Uruguay Round's most dramatic effect on South Asia will be the removal of non tariff barriers on the region's exports to the rest of the world. The p...
Labour Issues in The Footwear Industry: A Sri Lankan Perspective
A. Silva / Sectoral Activities Programme, ILO 1997
Review of development of industry, assesses current market situation and describes labour practices within the industry
Practical recommendations for those involved at all levels of road provision
P. Larcher; D. Miles / Water Engineering and Development Centre 2000
Book available in full-text contains ideas, methods and techniques for the provision of local road networks. It is aimed at policy-makers, construction professionals and students involved in the practical side of the sector and develo...
Inter and intra regional analysis of factors that generate and inhibit economic growth.
B. Guha-Khasnobis; F. Bari / Global Development Network 2000
This paper extracts insights from cross-country analysis about the performance of individual South Asian countries and the region as a whole. The article investigates the determinants of growth in each country. The article find...
Items 401 to 410 of 415

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