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  • Capital: Khartoum
  • Population: 35000000
  • Size: 1861484.0 Km2

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The BLDS print collection

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Case studies on UNICEF programming in child protection
United Nations Children's Fund 2014
These case studies illustrate how UNICEF support is helping countries to strengthen child protection systems and promote social change to align social norms and practices with child protection. The case studies provide evidence of pos...
UNAMID police and the protection of civilians in Darfur
F.K. Aubyn / Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Training Centre 2016
This Policy Brief reflects on the Protection of Civilian (PoC) strategies of UNAMID Police and some of the challenges hindering their effective implementation in Darfur. It argues that for PoC to be successful, UNAMID Police s...
Rapid fragility and migration assessment for Sudan: Rapid Literature Review
A.L. Strachan / Governance and Social Development Resource Centre 2016
This literarure report provides a literature review from Desk  based research. Sudan is a source, transit, and destination country for migrants. Sudanese migrants are a mixed group of refugees and asylum seekers, economic migrant...
Resilience analysis in Sudan 2009
Faostat, FAO 2016
Published first in 2016, this household resilience analysis examines differences in resilience capacity and resilience structure between female- and male-headed households, and between regions. This analysis aims at providing programm...
China–Africa co-operation: capacity building and social responsibility of investments
W. Benjelloun / South African Institute of International Affairs 2015
Over the past decade, African economies have enjoyed a sustained period of growth, and this has made the continent an attractive destination for international investors. This paper reviews the contours of Chinese investment and aid pr...
China in Africa: impacts and prospects for accountable development
G. Mohan / Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre 2012
China is the major “new” player in Africa and impacts on development and politics in numerous ways. This paper shows that China impacts on African development in multiple ways that go well beyond aid. The paper sets out an...
An ivestigation of the Month-Of-The-Year effect for the Sudanese stock market
S.Z. Abdalla / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2015
This paper investigates the month-of-the-year effect for the Sudanese stock market by using daily closing values of the market index over the period January 2, 2008, to December 30, 2014. Ordinary Least Squares technique and two diffe...
Past, present and future: fifty years of anthropology in Sudan
M.A.M. Assal (ed); M.A. Abdul-Jalil / Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway 2015
This book is about the history of anthropology in Sudan. Contributors to the book represent different generations of anthropologists who at some point in time either taught at the department in Khartoum or had some sort...
Cost assessment of environmental degradation in the Middle East and North Africa region – selected issues
B. Larsen / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2011
This paper estimates the cost of inadequate potable water, sanitation and hygiene, outdoor air pollution, and cropland degradation in 16 countries of the Arab League. The paper pointes that the 16 countries under study represent great...
Income level and environmental quality in the MENA countries: discussing the environmental Kuznets curve hypothesis
H. M'henni; M.E.H. Arouri; A.B. Youssef / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2011
The relationship between environmental quality and economic growth is puzzling. This paper illustrates that according to the Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) hypothesis, as income increases, emissions increase as well until some thre...
Items 1 to 10 of 413

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