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  • Capital: Stockholm
  • Population: 9828655
  • Size: 449964.0 Km2

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The BLDS print collection

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Making waves: implications of the irregular migration and refugee situation on Official Development Assistance spending and practices in Europe
A. Knoll; A. Sherriff / European Centre for Development Policy Management 2017
The year 2015 became a particularly challenging year for European cooperation in the field of migration. As a consequence, in-donor refugee costs have increased dramatically in some European countries. This paper sets out to i...
Investments in sustainable development: a comparative study on how the Nordic development finance institutions work with development impact in context of the Sustainable Development Goals
Nordic Consulting Group 2016
The four Nordic donor countries : Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, all have a long history in the international landscape of development cooperation. In their official development aid (ODA), all four countries have an implemented ...
Falling Through the Cracks: Refugee Women and Girls in Germany and Sweden
Marcy Hersh; Katharina Obser / Women's Refugee Commission 2016
This short (20 page) report overview looks at the reality for refugee women and girls living in Germany and Sweden. Both countries have welcomed unprecedented numbers of refugees however the magnitude and speed of the migration has le...
Economic crisis and women's work: exploring progressive strategies in a rapidly changing global environment
J. Ghosh / UN Women 2013
This report examines the gendered impacts of on-going global financial and economic crises in the labour market. It focuses on issues of women’s employment and decent work, particularly taking into account the implications for t...
Skills, Education, and the Rise of Earnings Inequality among the "Other 99 Percent"
David Autor 2014
The singular focus of public debate on the “top 1 percent” of households overlooks the component of earnings inequality that is arguably most consequential for the “other 99 percent” of citizens: the dramatic g...
Energy efficiency: lessons learned from success stories
G. Stuggins / World Bank 2013
This report, 'energy efficiency: lessons learned from success stories' is designed to identify energy efficiency policies that were implemented in countries that successfully decreased their energy intensity.  The study an...
A multilevel analysis of individuals’ attitudes toward welfare state responsibilities
C. Baslevent; H. Kirmanoglu / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2015
The examination of individuals’ attitudes towards welfare state responsibilities and redistribution has been the main theme of a large body of research. Making use of data from the European Social Survey (ESS), this paper invest...
Consumers’ attitudes towards eco-labels
E. Sto; M. Austgulen 2013
This briefing paper is based on the information drawn from a study that deals with European consumer practices and attitude towards environmental standards and eco-labels in textiles and clothing (T&C) sector. The original study c...
e-Governance in public sector ICT procurement: what is shaping practice in Sweden?
B. Lundell 2011
This report considers the inability of many Swedish governmental organisations to communicate in open formats, and report on an investigation into policy formulation which has led to this situation in one sector – local governme...
A report outlining how and why ICTs should be utilised in low carbon climate change measures and policies
The Broadband Commission 2012
Governments can accelerate transformation to a low carbon economy by promoting and integrating ICT within climate change policy. This view is presented by the Broadband Commission in this report based on interviews and supporting mate...
Items 1 to 10 of 61

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