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  • Capital: Kampala
  • Population: 33398682
  • Size: 236040.0 Km2

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The BLDS print collection

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The political economy of conservation at Mount Elgon, Uganda: between local deprivation, regional sustainability, and global public goods
P. Vedeld 2016
This paper presents a case study from Mount Elgon National Park, Uganda, examining and deepening an understanding of direct incomes and costs of conservation for local people close to protected areas. In the early 1990s, collaborative...
War and peace in the Great Lakes Region
Centre for Conflict Resolution, University of Cape Town (UCT) 2016
The Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR), Cape Town, South Africa, hosted a two-day policy research seminar in Cape Town, from 19 to 20 March 2016, on the theme “War and Peace in the Great Lakes Region”. The meeting ...
Climate and development outlook: stories of change from CDKN, Uganda special edition
Climate and Development Knowledge Network 2016
Uganda is a low-income country whose economy has recently enjoyed a growth spurt. Uganda’s leaders have set their sights on achieving upper middle income status in a generation’s time. However, climate...
Economic assessment of the impacts of climate change in Uganda. Briefing note: malaria prevalence in the districts of Tororo and Kabale
Climate and Development Knowledge Network 2015
An Economic Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change has been completed at the national level in Uganda. As part of this nation-wide study, this case study seeks to assess the impacts of climate change and their costs in the health...
Economic Assessment of the impacts of climate change in Uganda: National Level Assessment - agricultural sector report
Climate and Development Knowledge Network 2015
The agricultural sector is a fundamental part of the Ugandan economy, employing about 66 percent of the working population in 2009/10 and contributing about 22 percent to total GDP in the year 2012 (UBOS, 2013). Therefore, imp...
Economic assessment of the impacts of climate change in Uganda: key results
Climate and Development Knowledge Network 2015
Uganda is already experiencing the impacts of climate variability and associated economic losses. Uganda’s First National Development Plan (2010–2015) recognises that climate change will affect most of its key economic secto...
Economic assessment of the impacts of climate change in Uganda: Arabica coffee production in the Mount Elgon Region (Bududa District)
Climate and Development Knowledge Network 2015
The Mount Elgon region is very vulnerable to climate change and variability, with a heavy dependence on coffee production. Yields and quality of coffee crops have been declining over the last 30 years, in part owing to poor management...
The East African energy frontier, a decade on
A. Hayman / South African Institute of International Affairs 2016
The East Africa region has seen some of the decade’ s largest natural gas and energy finds. However, despite their magnitude, these discoveries have yet to fulfil the promise of social and economic progress. With some sig...
A bottom-up approach: identifying national standard climate change indicators for Uganda
T. Kajumba; I. Karani; C. Fisher / International Institute for Environment and Development 2016
Globally, there is increasing recognition of the need to track climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction progress. But the ability of countries and development partners to do this is constrained by the complex natu...
Public spending on climate change in Africa: Experiences from Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda
N. Bird / Overseas Development Institute 2016
Public spending on climate change in Africa describes the extent to which public expenditure responds to national climate change policy and the institutional demands required to implement such policy. The four countries of the study: ...
Items 1 to 10 of 1335

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