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  • Capital: Port Vila
  • Population: 221552
  • Size: 12200.0 Km2

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Vanuatu case study: Standing Together: strengthening climate change resilience in Vanuatu
CARE International 2016
Futuna sits in the Pacific Ocean, one of Vanuatu’s 83 islands. It is a remote but special place. Here, resident’s fish and farm, and are renowned for their weaving talents, making baskets and bags. Since 2009, CARE has been ...
Climate change in Coral Triangle of the Pacific Countries: supporting communities to adapt
Asian Development Bank 2016
In 2010, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) launched a regional technical assistance to respond to concerns raised by five Pacific developing member countries that lie within or on the border of the Coral Triangle - ??Fiji, Papua New Gu...
Adaptation and resilience in Vanuatu
J. Ensor / Stockholm Environment Institute 2015
The report documents findings from fieldwork in Vanuatu undertaken during November 2014. The intention is to contextualise the resilience building work of the Vanuatu NGO Climate Change Adaptation Program within themes that have emerg...
Climate change vulnerability assessment: Greater Port Vila
A. Trundle; D. McEvoy / United Nations Human Settlements Programme 2015
This reports on a series of assessments made for the city of Port Vila, Vanuatu to measure the baseline for understanding critical social, economic and environmental vulnerabilities and range of risks in the face of climate change. ...
Vanuatu: renewables readiness assesment
Y. Chen; G. Gönül; H. Wade / International Renewable Energy Agency 2015
This report asses the status of renewable energy in the archipelago of Vanuatu, located in the western Pacific Ocean. Vanuatu has drawn up a National Energy Road Map (NERM) which acts as the energy policy. Actions needed to rea...
Using Participatory Three-Dimensional Modelling (P3DM) to facilitate community decision making: a case study from the Vanuatu Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) project
Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme 2014
This report focuses on the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) project in In Vanuatu, which focuses on coastal zone management, and specifically the coastal roads on the island of Epi, which are being damaged by flooding and c...
Health impacts of climate change in Vanuatu: an assessment and adaptation action plan
J. T. Spickett / Canadian Center of Science and Education 2013
Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a tool for analysing potential health issues during planning stages of proposals using established systematic mechanisms to demonstrate factors that could affect health and to consider potential respo...
The importance of Vanuatu’s growth - dispelling the myth that Pacific island economies cannot grow
S. Howes; N. Soni / Pacific Institute of Public Policy 2009
Growth in Vanuatu has accelerated in recent years. This paper argues that Vanuatu’s growth acceleration is important for the Pacific - it dispels the myth that the Pacific island economies cannot grow. The paper clari...
Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in the Pacific: an institutional and policy analysis
J. E. Hay / International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) 2012
Disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) both share a common focus: reducing the vulnerability of communities and contributing to sustainable development. This study provides an analysis of the current level o...
Children’s vulnerability to climate change and disaster impacts in East Asia and the Pacific
J. Lawler / United Nations Children's Fund 2011
In 2011, UNICEF commissioned field research in Indonesia, Kiribati, Mongolia, Philippines and Vanuatu to determine if there were noticeable patterns and trends of climate change and disaster impacts on children. This regional report s...
Items 1 to 10 of 31

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