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  • Capital: Sanaa
  • Population: 23495361
  • Size: 527970.0 Km2

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The BLDS print collection

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Why cultural sensitivity is key to social change: nine case studies from UNFPA programmes
United Nations Population Fund 2004
Published by UNFPA, this guide highlights the importance of cultural analysis and sensitivity in development efforts, addressing issues such as gender equality and equity, HIV and AIDS, female genital cutting, gender-based violence an...
Status report on the Fast Track Initiative
Education for All Fast Track Initiative, World Bank 2004
This report looks at the progress of the FTI. It presents FTI processes and lessons learned; trends in primary completion rates and ODA; progress in FTI-endorsed countries - education progress and resource mobilisation; potential FTI ...
Weak-functioning institutions are the main reason behind low growth rates in Yemen
S. Al-Asaly / Global Development Network 2003
Yemen Republic has experienced low economic growth rates for much of the last eight decades. Recent economic history (1917-2000) has shown that the national growth rates have fluctuated between 2% and 8%. This paper explains why econo...
Report from a workshop on pro poor budget tracking, budgetary tools and impact assessment.
K. Dyer; C Pain / Southern African Regional Poverty Network 2004
This report is based on a three day budget tracking workshop held in Malawi in February 2004 which brought together individuals and representatives of organisations involved in budget monitoring, or developing monitoring processes and...
UNFPA experience of collaboration with local organisations
United Nations Population Fund 2004
This paper reports on efforts by UNFPA’s to develop culturally sensitive programming in the area of gender equity and equality, and reproductive health and rights. In particular, it examines the more inclusive programming approac...
The production, use and control of small arms and their impact on development
Small Arms Survey 2003
This report is the third annual report on the global production, use and control of small arms. This edition documents evidence that small arms availability and misuse can undermine development. It features chapters on production, sto...
Child labour, education, and access to water and electricity: El Salvador, Ghana, Guatemala, Morocco and Yemen
L. Guarcello; S. Lyon; F. Rosati / Understanding Children’s Work (UCW) Programme 2004
Analyses of the determinants of child labour have largely neglected the role of access to basic services. The availability of these services can affect the value of children’s time and, concomitantly, household decisions concerni...
Reproductive health status of youth in Asia and the Near East
K. Hardee; P. Pine; L. Taggart Wasson / Policy Project, Futures Group, Washington 2004
This paper presents the findings of a series of assessments of adolescent and youth reproductive health conducted by the Policy Project in 13 countries in the Asia and Near East (ANE) region. The countries include Egypt, Jordan, Moroc...
Access denied! Doctors in India and Yemen struggle to get the latest information
Bohaira Geyoushi; Zoe Matthews; William Stones / id21 Development Research Reporting Service 2002
Evidence-based medicine is central to medical education and clinical practice in wealthy nations. Meanwhile, lack of information is a major barrier to better healthcare in developing countries. Researchers from the UK University of So...
How to increase food security in MENA countries
H. Lofgren; A. Richards / International Food Policy Research Institute 2003
This paper examines household and country level food security issues in the MENA region looking broadly at economic, policy and environmental factors and assessing their impacts. It finds that in the MENA region household food ...
Items 81 to 90 of 98

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