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  • Capital: Lusaka
  • Population: 13460305
  • Size: 752614.0 Km2

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Angolan refugees in Zambia: reflecting on local integration as a sustainable solution
L. Kambela / African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes 2016
Local integration continues to be an important option in the basket of comprehensive strategies to achieve long-term solutions to refugee crises, particularly those caused by protracted conflicts. While many refugees may volun...
Communicating research to policymakers: researchers' experiences
M. Lee; K. Belohlav / Population Reference Bureau 2016
Policymakers and advocates agree that using evidence to inform decisions is essential for good policymaking and program design, given that limited resources require decisionmakers to allocate budgets effectively. Recognizing these iss...
Cash for women's empowerment? A mixed-methods evaluation of the government of Zambia's Child Grant Programme
J. Bonilla / UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre 2016
Social cash transfer programmes in developing countries are often claimed to benefit the empowerment of women, despite a lack of clear evidence supporting this outcome. This report seeks to examine the validity of the claim through a ...
Is green economy achievable through championing green growth? A local government experience from Zambia
P. Rodgers / Jàmbá: Journal of Disaster Risk Studies 2016
The need to enhance environmental sustainability, sustainable development and growth that takes into account the well-being of the people and nature because of the increased production and consumption of goods and services is the majo...
Economic profiling of the creative industries: a desk review
S. Nalishebo / Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research 2013
The UN’s Creative Economy Report 2010 notes the increasing acceptance of the role of the creative economy as a leading sector in generating economic growth, employment and trade, and that creative industries are among the most d...
Mining tax in Zambia
Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research 2013
With some of the worst poverty statistics in Africa, Zambia appears to have  little to show for a century of mining.  But  given good policies, the country’s considerable mineral wealth clearly represents a real o...
The birth death and survival of exports in Zambia 1999-2011
B. Banda; J. Simumba / Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research 2013
This paper deals with the dynamics of Zambia’s export performance, analyzing the birth, death and persistence of exporting in various products and destinations. The authors use a framework that has recently proliferated in inter...
RHCS country case study: Zambia
A. Brown; M. Syacumpi / DFID Health Resource Centre (HRC) 2006
Zambia reproductive health commodity security (RHCS) is evidently poor with a series of problems in ensuring safe supply from forecasting, procurement, financing distribution and the capacity of health professionals to administer...
Constraints on the demand for youth labour in Zambia
Zambia is one of many developing countries struggling to create adequate employment opportunities for its people, especially in the formal economy. Unemployment is highest among youths (15–24 years old) and particularly affects ...
What do regional trade reforms mean for Zambia?
Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research 2012
Zambia is participating actively in regional integration programmes, but little is know about the impacts of tariff reforms associated with such initiatives. This paper assesses the potential effects for Zambia of the trade reforms im...
Items 1 to 10 of 786

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