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Published: 2016

Climate change threatens Hawaiian forest birds

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Draft Policy Research Report examines the conceptual and empirical links between gender, public policy, and development outcomes and demonstrates the value of applying a gender perspective to the design of development policies.

The evidence presented shows that societies that discriminate by gender pay a high price in terms of their ability to develop and to reduce poverty. To promote gender equality, the report proposes a 3-part strategy emphasizing institutional reforms, based on

  • a foundation of equal rights for women and men
  • policies for sustained economic development
  • active measures to redress persistent gender disparities

Paper presents new data and analyses and reviews an extensive development literature, and is intended as a tool for policy makers, development specialists, and members of civil society who are promoting, designing, and implementing development strategies.

Draft chapters are currently available online in PDF.

Online discussion of the draft to be held on World Bank Development Forum:

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