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Published: 2005

Project MAP: measuring access and performance: lessons learned and recommendations

New approaches to measuring equity of access to reproductive health
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This report from Population Services International (PSI) outlines a pilot project that developed a system for measuring equity of access to reproductive healthcare products. Project MAP (Measuring Access and Performance) began in August 2003 and the report provides findings from the first year. The project measured coverage and quality of coverage in three countries: Burkina Faso, Mali and Guinea. Access and equity of access were measured in Thailand and Laos.

The pilot was conducted in HIV and AIDS, family planning and malaria programmes that deliver condoms, injectable and oral contraceptives and other healthcare goods. It was not extended to cover service delivery. The report outlines the technique used to measure access, and equity of access. Equity of access is defined as equality of access to delivery points of a minimum standard among populations of equal need or demand. Access ranged from 7 per cent to 88 per cent among different target populations. The findings show inequity of access in all areas. The pilot project demonstrates that Project MAP is inexpensive, rapid and feasible to install.

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