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Published: 2012

Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in the Pacific: an institutional and policy analysis

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Disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) both share a common focus: reducing the vulnerability of communities and contributing to sustainable development. This study provides an analysis of the current level of integration of DDR and CCA in the Pacific region, with an emphasis on the institutional and policy environment. It reveals that despite a low level of integration at the operational level, countries are making efforts to develop Joint National Action Plans (JNAPs) for DRM and CCA. Key recommendations for regional and national stakeholders include: the establishment and maintenance of a database of DRR, CCA and related projects, and Pacific-focused case studies and good practices; to co-convene meetings on disaster risk management (DRM) and CCA at times and locations that maximise coordination and integration opportunities; and to develop an integrated Pacific Regional Policy Framework for DRM, CCA and mitigation for implementation post-2015.
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J. E. Hay

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