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Published: 2012

FOCAC: Addressing joint environmental challenges?

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Cooperation on environmental challenges has been an instrumental part of the first Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) since its inception in 2000. With increasing levels of economic interactions and political cooperation, environmental concerns have become increasingly important. This policy brief examines the state of environmental cooperation in FOCAC in the light of emerging challenges. It specifically explores issues related to biodiversity, the challenge of combatting desertification and the need to address water scarcity in both China and Africa. All three of these issues are having adverse effects on development prospects, not least on food security.

A cross-cutting dimension to consider for the discussion of future challenges is the effect of climate change. From the assessment of common or different challenges, this briefing makes suggestions for future topics in China-Africa relations.

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M. Burgess; H. Esterhuyse

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