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Africa South of Sahara

In the quest for Economic Growth in Africa who is getting left behind and why?

A new project from the Institute of Development Studies, entitled "Diverse Voices 2012" recently brought together three small groups in Malawi, Ethiopia and Kenya to discuss the issues and events of most importance to the vulnerable in these societies. The groups were a forum for some of those whose opinions have not had an equal chance of reaching lawmakers, practitioners, researchers and journalists. As a result, Diverse Voices is hosting a Global Debate on 7th June 2012. The focus will be the question that these groups felt most needed answering - In the quest for Economic Growth in Africa who is getting left behind and why?

Latest Documents

The African capacity for immediate response to crisis: advice for African policymakers
M. Broslg; N. SempIjja / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2015
Despite the operationalisation of the African Standby Force (ASF) within the AU security system, rapid reaction remains a challenging task. The current paper states that the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crisis (ACIRC) ha...
Shifting security challenges in the China–Africa relationship
R. Anthony; H. Esterhuyse; M. Burgess / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2015
China’s involvement in African security has deepened in recent years. This policy insights paper discusses three aspects of the China–Africa security relationship to highlight some of the evolving challenges and the ways i...
China–Africa co-operation: capacity building and social responsibility of investments
W. Benjelloun / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2015
Over the past decade, African economies have enjoyed a sustained period of growth, and this has made the continent an attractive destination for international investors. This paper reviews the contours of Chinese investment and aid pr...
Aligning Africa’s maritime ambitions with broader Indian Ocean regionalism
A. Benkenstein / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2015
As Blue Economy initiatives increase there is a risk that efforts will be duplicated and inefficiencies will creep into co-operation efforts. This paper argues that the AU’s “2050 Africa’s Integrated Maritime Strateg...
From the Cape to Cairo? The potential of the Tripartite Free Trade Area
S. Scholvin; J. Wrana / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2015
In October 2008, the 26 member states of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), the East African Community (EAC) and SADC declared a desire to form a joint customs union, known as the Tripartite Free Trade Area (T...
Climate Information and Services for Africa (CIASA) – literature review
Evidence on Demand, 2015
As part of the scoping for the design of the Climate and Information Services for Africa programme (CIASA), this report provides a short literature review on user needs, gaps and potential intervention options. It adopts the structure...
Climate Information and Services for Africa (CIASA) – scoping, options analysis and design
Evidence on Demand, 2015
There have been many initiatives to strengthen weather and climate information and services across Africa in the last decade or so, with numerous valuable outcomes. However, it is commonly observed that availability and uptake of info...
Overview of the scientific, political and financial landscape of Climate-Smart Agriculture in West Africa
R. Zougmoré (ed); A. Sy Traoré (ed); Y. Mbodj (ed) / Climate Change Agriculture Food Security, 2015
This report documents and analyses the current and future perspectives of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) for five major sectors in West Africa. It explores the specific features of the scientific, institutional, policy and fun...
Designing performance: the semi-revenue authority model in African and Latin America
R. Taliercio / World Bank, 2004
The paper analyzes a subset of semi-autonomous revenue authorities (ARAs) from both Africa and Latin America. The cases (Kenya, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, Uganda and Venezuela) were selected based on three criteria: (1) the importanc...
Concept briefing notes: Concept briefing no. 21, February 2015
Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme, 2015
Two factors affected conflict dynamics in Nigeria in February 2015: the postponement of elections and the reported successes of coordinated counter-insurgency campaigns. In this respect, the current brief shows that tensions over diss...
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