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Africa South of Sahara

In the quest for Economic Growth in Africa who is getting left behind and why?

A new project from the Institute of Development Studies, entitled "Diverse Voices 2012" recently brought together three small groups in Malawi, Ethiopia and Kenya to discuss the issues and events of most importance to the vulnerable in these societies. The groups were a forum for some of those whose opinions have not had an equal chance of reaching lawmakers, practitioners, researchers and journalists. As a result, Diverse Voices is hosting a Global Debate on 7th June 2012. The focus will be the question that these groups felt most needed answering - In the quest for Economic Growth in Africa who is getting left behind and why?

Latest Documents

Deepening India’s engagement with Africa through better Market Access
Knowledge Partnership Programme, 2015
In order to provide ‘trade’ stimulus to Least Developed Countries (LDCs), India launched a Duty-Free Tariff Preferences (DFTP) scheme in 2008. DFTP scheme provides duty free treatment to about 98 per cent of tariff lines a...
INSPIRES: Investigating a reusable sanitary pad intervention in a rural educational setting
E Wilson / University of Sheffield, 2012
Although there is a lack of rigorous quantitative evidence on the links between menstruation and girls’ absenteeism from school, the qualitative evidence that exists indicates that girls can experience a range of problems when m...
Use of menstrual cup by adolescent girls and women: potential benefits and key challenges
The African Population and Health Research Centre, 2010
In resource poor settings, sanitary towels are often too expensive and unaffordable for most adolescent girls and women who need them, and as a consequence these women and girls resort to unhygienic methods. This is one of a series of...
Security in-a-Box Community Focus: digital security tools and tactics for the LGBTI community in sub-Saharan Africa
Tactical Technology Collective, 2014
Tactical Tech have created a new guide: Tools and Tactics for the LGBTI community in sub-Saharan Africa. This is the second in the series of Security in-a-box Community Focus guides, which aim to further integrate digital security int...
In the shadow of previous COPS: COP17’s mixed bag of outcomes
U. Salifu / Institute for Global Dialogue, South Africa, 2012
Depending on perceptions, South Africa either had the enviable or the unpleasant task of organising, hosting and ensuring a credible outcome for the 17 th session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) C...
The Africa Group and climate change negotiations: from Durban to Doha
L. Duff / Institute for Global Dialogue, South Africa, 2012
The Africa Group is the only regional grouping serving as a negotiating bloc in climate change negotiations. Since its creation, it has been vocal in lobbying for greater action on climate change mitigation and adaptation strateg...
BRICS partnership: a case of South- South cooperation? Exploring the roles of South Africa and Africa
C. Moore / Institute for Global Dialogue, South Africa, 2013
The BRICS partnership is developing rapidly. Current global events, such as the economic crisis in the advanced industrialised economies, and hand-wringing over the crisis in Syria, have brought the group, and its individual members, ...
United States immigration reform: what does it mean for Africa?
S. Firsing / Institute for Global Dialogue, South Africa, 2013
Immigration reform is a highly contentious topic in the United States of America (US), a country historically described as a "melting pot" of nations but now seen more as a "salad bowl" because of its diversity. The US, like most coun...
SADC’s 2013 review of its principles and guidelines governing democratic elections: need for civil society inputs?
D. Motsamai / Institute for Global Dialogue, South Africa, 2013
A highly significant but under profiled review exercise of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections (herein refereed to as the Guidelines) and the development of a SADC...
Africa-Brazil relations in the context of global changes
S. Oloruntoba / Institute for Global Dialogue, South Africa, 2014
Relations between Africa and Brazil date back to the era of slave trade in which many African slaves were settled in Brazil and other parts of Latin America and the Caribbean Island. Due to the historical experience of slave trade, th...
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