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Africa South of Sahara

In the quest for Economic Growth in Africa who is getting left behind and why?

A new project from the Institute of Development Studies, entitled "Diverse Voices 2012" recently brought together three small groups in Malawi, Ethiopia and Kenya to discuss the issues and events of most importance to the vulnerable in these societies. The groups were a forum for some of those whose opinions have not had an equal chance of reaching lawmakers, practitioners, researchers and journalists. As a result, Diverse Voices is hosting a Global Debate on 7th June 2012. The focus will be the question that these groups felt most needed answering - In the quest for Economic Growth in Africa who is getting left behind and why?

Latest Documents

Situation brief: border or ownership question: the Apaa land dispute
O.D. Barnabas / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2012
This brief entail issues relating to resettlement, land ownership, and boundary dispute between Amuru and Adjumani districts in Uganda. The brief particularly addresses the current land dispute playing out in Apaa village between the ...
Situation brief: impact of floods in Acholi-sub-region and the implications for post-conflict recovery
J. Odong / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2012
This briefing paper presents preliminary findings and analysis pertaining to 2012 floods within Acholi sub-region, Uganda. The paper notes that the post armed-conflict era has witnessed several new conflict dynamics and emergin...
Re-examining peace and economic recovery in northern Uganda
O.D. Barnabas; O.B. Kasozi / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2012
This paper represents a contextual analysis and situational updates relating to peace and economic recovery in Northern Uganda. The paper clarifies that the region is emerging from over two decades of conflict waged between the govern...
“Land and investment”: balancing local and investor interest
O.D. Barnabas; I. Jahn; E. Cody / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2012
The contextual drivers for land grabbing in Northern Uganda are dependent on the speculative values attached to land and oil-related discoveries and investment opportunities in the region. This paper indicates that land dispute in Nor...
“Challenges of post-conflict recovery!”
O.D. Barnabas; J. Odong / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2012
This document highlights on issues of Peace Recovery Development Plan (PRDP) and health service delivery in northern Uganda. The report reviews an assessment surrounding the recent influx of asylum seekers and refugees from Sou...
Certificates of customary ownership: a roundtable discussion on perceptions, implications, and challenges with stakeholders from Acholi Sub-region
J. Shewan / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2012
To elaborate some diverse perceptions surrounding the new initiative “Area Land Committees” (ALCs) in Uganda, the “Refugee Law Project” convened a roundtable discussion with stakeholders from all sectors of soc...
Is it oil, land or investment triggering increasing land dispute in Lakang village of Amuru district?
O.D. Barnabas / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2012
This report presents analysis on the ongoing large scale land acquisition practices and the implication on sustainable development among local communities in Lakang village, Amuru district in Northern Uganda. The scenario in La...
Thrown along the way: community perspectives on conflict drivers in the implementation of the Peace Recovery and Development Plan (PRDP) for Northern Uganda
J. Odong / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2012
Northern Uganda is one of the many regions in Uganda that has suffered from persistent armed conflicts; however, there have been strong commitments by the government to rebuilding the north. The current paper sheds light on the Peace,...
The brunt of forceful evictions in post conflict societies
D.B. Otim / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2013
Characterised by radicalisation and sectarianism, the dispute in Apaa, Uganda, still remains largely unresolved. This paper highlights that the eviction in Apaa has resulted in deaths and destruction of property and food items. ...
“We need a culture of truth”: the role of civil society organisations in transitional justice
O. Eunice; C. Kuklick / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2014
The Refugee Law Project (RLP) recently met with a number of civil society organisations (CSOs) and key stakeholders to discuss transitional justice (TJ) and national reconciliation in Uganda. This report sheds light on the discussions...
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