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Africa South of Sahara

In the quest for Economic Growth in Africa who is getting left behind and why?

A new project from the Institute of Development Studies, entitled "Diverse Voices 2012" recently brought together three small groups in Malawi, Ethiopia and Kenya to discuss the issues and events of most importance to the vulnerable in these societies. The groups were a forum for some of those whose opinions have not had an equal chance of reaching lawmakers, practitioners, researchers and journalists. As a result, Diverse Voices is hosting a Global Debate on 7th June 2012. The focus will be the question that these groups felt most needed answering - In the quest for Economic Growth in Africa who is getting left behind and why?

Latest Documents

Manual B: urban land access: the steps
Urban LandMark, 2008
This manual is targeted at people who are working with or want to work with others to get land to build housing for the group in South Africa. The manual focuses on land for settlement development or urban land. The publication...
Analysis of qualitative survey on accessing, holding and trading land: synthesis report
W. Smit / Urban LandMark, 2008
Holding and trading of urban land by the poor is still an issue in South Africa. The current report presents and analysis of a number of interviews that were undertaken by concerned NGO in nine South African settlements to shed lights...
‘Good Citizens’: corporate social responsibility in Africa
T. Corrigan / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2014
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a growing consideration for businesses. The Country Review Reports (CRRs) compiled through the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) provide a unique lens through which CSR application in Africa...
Corporate governance in Africa’s state-owned enterprises: perspectives on an evolving system
T. Corrigan / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2014
The African Peer Review Mechanism’s (APRM) Country Review Reports (CRRs) provide a unique overview of central themes in Africa’s political economy, and the insights they provide into corporate governance are particularly u...
Access to urban land: a handbook for community organisations
Urban LandMark, 2008
Lack of access to urban land by the poor is one of the biggest challenges facing South African cities. Urban LandMark, a focused NGO, organised a series of workshops across the country to document the experiences and views of communit...
Scoping study: local land registration practices in South Africa
M. Rubin; L. Royston / Urban LandMark, 2008
Recognition of what exists in informal settlement upgrading is particularly important in comparison with greenfields development. This report is intended to inform the work in the tenure theme area on securing and managing land rights...
Towards managed land settlement: a review of 5 South African case studies
Urban LandMark, 2010
The Managed Land Settlement (MLS) approach is about the provision of basic development products to all people in need of land for settlement development purposes no matter where they come from. The purpose of this report is to explore...
The struggle for property ownership in New Crossroads: the 'tandpyn' that won't go away
J. Cole / Urban LandMark, 2010
This document explores the consequences of home ownership for poor citizens living in informal settlements in South Africa, focusing particularly on “New Crossroads” in Cape Town. The paper reflects the findings of ...
Climate change and water resources in West Africa: an assessment of groundwater management
USA Agency for International Development, 2014
This paper addresses the sustainability and potential impacts of climate change on rural groundwater management in West Africa. It recommends starting at local levels and slowly build up larger and more formal organisations to ...
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