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East Asia and Pacific

Health-financing reforms in seven South East Asian countries
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Health-financing reforms in seven South East Asian countries are reviewed in this study. These countries have sought to reduce dependence on out-of-pocket payments, increase pooled health finance, and expand services, stepping towards universal coverage. The author underlines that expanding coverage of good-quality services and ensuring adequate human resources are important to achieve universal coverage.

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Towards policy integration of disaster risk, climate adaptation, and development in ASEAN: a baseline assessment
M. Sembiring; J.A. Lassa / Centre For Non-Traditional Security Studies 2017
This Insight attempts to create a baseline assessment of disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adap- tation (CCA) policies in ten Southeast Asian countries. More than 50 per cent of global disas...
Testing climate-smart agricultural technologies and practices in South- east Asia: a manual for priority setting
Climate Change Agriculture Food Security 2015
The project Integrated agricultural technologies for enhanced adaptive capacity and resilient livelihoods in climate-smart villages (CSVs) of Southeast Asia aims to provide climate-smart agriculture options to enhance adaptive capacit...
Mobilizing science for climate change, agriculture and food security: engaging the Southeast Asian media
R. Navarro; B. Joven; A. Cruz / Climate Change Agriculture Food Security 2015
In the context of agriculture and food security, science innovations on mitigating and adapting to climate change are available, but these are not well shared with next users and end users (especially farmers) and the public due to in...
Small States' resilience to natural disasters and climate change - role of the IMF
International Monetary Fund 2016
Small developing states are disproportionately vulnerable to natural disasters. On average, the annual cost of disasters for small states is nearly 2 percent of GDP—more than four times that for larger countries. This ref...
How can we better understand and manage the impacts of droughts
Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions 2016
Semi-arid regions of the world are often thought of as being particularly vulnerable to climate change. They are already climatically stressed with high temperatures, low rainfall and long dry seasons. Semi-arid ecosystems are highly ...
Atolls and climate change: strengthening resilience
F. Gaulme / Agence française de développement 2016
At just a few meters above the waves, the atolls or low-lying coral islands surrounding a lagoon are one of the areas the most exposed to the many consequences of climate change (rising water levels, lagoon erosion, but also ocean aci...
Climate and disaster resilience financing in small island developing states
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development 2016
Natural disasters and climate change severely affect the growth trajectory of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and their ability to achieve sustainable development. SIDS are located in some of the most disaster-prone regions in t...
Climate change threatens Hawaiian forest birds
Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment 2016
In Hawai'i, geograpahic isolation has prevented the natural establishment of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and many insect species, such as biting mosquitoes. Isolation has also facilitated the spectacular evolutionary radiation of H...
Framework for resilient development in the Pacific: an integrated approach to address climate change and Disaster Risk Management (FRDP) 2017–2030
Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme 2016
Climate change and disaster risks increase the vulnerability of Pacific Island people, and significantly undermine the sustainable development of the Pacific region. Although the level of exposure is similar for Pacific Island countri...
After Paris: climate finance in the Pacific Islands
Oxfam 2016
Pacific island countries are working hard to address the escalating realities of climate change, including the impact on land, livelihoods, and on the food and water security of their most vulnerable communities. The need for accessib...
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