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East Asia and Pacific

Health-financing reforms in seven South East Asian countries
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Health-financing reforms in seven South East Asian countries are reviewed in this study. These countries have sought to reduce dependence on out-of-pocket payments, increase pooled health finance, and expand services, stepping towards universal coverage. The author underlines that expanding coverage of good-quality services and ensuring adequate human resources are important to achieve universal coverage.

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Lose to gain: is involuntary resettlement a development opportunity?
J. Perera (ed) / Asian Development Bank, 2014
Resettlement policies and laws in South Asian countries at present focus primarily on compensation payment for property acquired for a public purpose. This book assesses the adequacy of conventional compensation and resettlement assis...
Towards a conceptual framework for improved monitoring and evaluation of SEA outcomes: a discussion note
G. Yaron / Evidence on Demand, 2013
This paper tries to answer the question how can standard Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) process be modified to incorporate robust long term monitoring frameworks which facilitate outcome mapping and impact assessment. ...
Using cost−benefit analysis to inform climate change adaptation projects
Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, 2014
This paper argues that cost–benefit analysis (CBA) helps inform decisions about projects, such as whether to proceed with a project or not, which project option to select, and what refinements can be made to improve project desi...
women’s economic empowerment and growth in low income countries: a global research programme (2013-2018)
I. Grant / Evidence on Demand, 2013
Evidence that barriers to women’s economic participation and productivity may be stifling opportunities for growth is strengthening. Nevertheless, uptake of policies that progress growth through improved economic opportunities f...
Addressing diseases of poverty: an initiative to reduce the unacceptable burden of neglected tropical diseases in the Asia Pacific region
Asian Development Bank Institute, 2014
The Asia Pacific region is at the forefront of global economic development. Yet some countries and population groups are being left behind in poverty. One of the factors impeding development is a large burden of communicable...
Organising women workers in the informal economy
N. Kabeer; K. Milward; R. Sudarshan / Gender and Development, 2013
There are numerous challenges facing organisation amongst the hardest-to-reach women in the informal economy. This paper, published in Gender and Development, examines the various factors determining the success and failure of attempt...
School-related gender-based violence in the Asia-Pacific region
UNESCO Bangkok, 2014
For some children in Asia-Pacific, particularly girls, the mere walk to school is menacing and comes with the daily threat of violence. Once at school, they might also be subject to physical, psychosocial and sexual abuse – bull...
Expanding economic activity along the Sino-Indian border & developing infrastructure for connectivity
B. Singh / Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, India, 2012
The study attempts to answer three specific questions: First, should one view border trade as a tool to improve India?China strategic relations? Second, is the emphasis on Ladakh part of an economic strategy to improve larger India?Ch...
Sino-Indian economic dialogue: from bilateral trade to srategic partnership
T. Singh / Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, India, 2012
This paper is a conference report the IPCS India-China Relations Conference held in February 2012. The main discussions focused on economic cooperation and bilateral trade. Some Policy Recommendations Include: -The Sino?...
Scoping study on natural resources and climate change in Southeast Asia with a focus on agriculture. Final report
International Water Management Institute, 2009
This working paper explores the intersection between water management, climate change, and adaptation in the Ganges River system, a basin vital to the security, economy, and environment of South Asia. Recognizing that an understanding...
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