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East Asia and Pacific

Health-financing reforms in seven South East Asian countries
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Health-financing reforms in seven South East Asian countries are reviewed in this study. These countries have sought to reduce dependence on out-of-pocket payments, increase pooled health finance, and expand services, stepping towards universal coverage. The author underlines that expanding coverage of good-quality services and ensuring adequate human resources are important to achieve universal coverage.

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Rice in the Shadow of Skyscrapers: Policy Choices in a Dynamic East and Southeast Asian Setting
D. Dawe; Jaffee S.; Santos N. / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2014
This compendium of policy notes is the result of cooperation between the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, The World Bank and the International Rice Research Institute. Across Asia, rice is food for the largest segment of t...
Economic and social survey of Asia and the Pacific 2015: making growth more inclusive for sustainable development
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, 2015
This report’s key message is that while policy focus on economic growth is necessary, it is not sufficient for achieving development. It argues that policymakers in Asia and the Pacific will need to internalize the aspects of in...
Forests and climate change after Lima
The Centre for People and Forests, 2015
This report argues that the outcomes of COP 20, which was held in Lima, Peru in 2014, are expected to have a significant impact on developments in the field of forests and climate change over the coming year. It argues that for...
The prospects of South Africa’s engagement with ASEAN countries
K. Dlamini / Institute for Global Dialogue, South Africa, 2014
 According to the South African draft White Paper on Foreign Policy "Building a better world: the diplomacy of ubuntu", the Asian continent is of increasing importance to South Africa and Africa. This is linked to the fact that A...
Conflict early warning and early response
B. Rohwerder (ed) / Governance and Social Development Resource Centre, 2015
This Helpdesk Report responds to the following query: Conflict early warning and early response: Identify examples of early warning systems to monitor fragile states at risk of violence/instability and cases of early/pre-emptive inter...
An Overview of Modeling Climate Change Impacts in the Caribbean Region with contribution from the Pacific Islands
M.C. Simpson; D. Scott; M. New; R. Sim / United Nations Development Programme, 2009
This report provides an overview for all CARICOM member states of the risks from climate change and includes a section on the common threats of climate change for Pacific island countries. It highlights that impacts of a changi...
Pacific Gender and Climate Change toolkit: Tools for practitioners
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH, 2013
This toolkit is designed to support climate change practitioners in the Pacific islands region to integrate gender into their programmes and projects. It is aimed at climate change professionals working in national governments,...
Making economic corridors work for the agricultural sector
E., G. Nogales / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2014
In times of economic crisis, development models that help create jobs, generate wealth, mobilise public and private resources and stimulate key economic sectors sustainably are more important than ever. While there are no universal so...
Australia’s policy priorities in a global era
M. Beeson / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2015
Australian policymakers face competing economic and strategic priorities. Increasingly, Australia’s economic future is closely tied to relations with its East Asian neighbours. However, at a regional level it has simultaneously ...
Helpdesk Report: Comparisons of outcomes of formal primary schooling and non - formal education in Asia
J. Pennells / Department for International Development, UK, 2010
This Helpdesk response includes articles on education in Asia. Substantial evidence is lacking on the comparable effectiveness of non formal education versus formal primary schooling in terms of the learning achievements, employment o...
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