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Latin America and Caribbean

Evidence and Lessons from Latin America (ELLA) - knowledge sharing and learning platform
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ELLA is a knowledge sharing and learning platform, funded by the UK Department for International Development.  It aims to share knowledge of recent Latin American experiences on selected economic, environmental and governance issues. It supports learning between Latin American, African and South Asian countries, and is providing a networking platform for organisations and individuals to link to Latin America. As a content partner with Eldis, the full selection of Briefs from Ella are available to download.

Latest Documents

Incentives for eectricity generation in a green economy: effective frameworks from Latin America
J. Russell / Evidence and Lessons from Latin America, 2014
Latin American countries are implementing innovative policy and market mechanisms to catalyse the development of nonconventional renewable energy sources. This Brief presents some of the region’s success stories. In 2...
Pursuing a green economy: growth alongside environmental sustainability in Latin America
Evidence and Lessons from Latin America, 2014
Latin American countries have been implementing some innovative market incentives to catalyse the expansion of the green economy, in particular in relation to natural resource conservation and development of greener energy and infrast...

Latest Documents

Brazilian economy: recent evolution and new perspectives for South-South cooperation
L.M.P Lima / Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2007
Brazilian economic stagnation of the early 1980s mirrors that of the other Latin American countries. Thus, comparison on the economic data for the whole of Latin America from 1980 up to today and those of the 1950-1980 period, reveals...
Econometric modeling of world oil supplies: terminal price and the time to depletion
K. Mohaddes / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2012
The exhaustion of oil is an important shortcoming in a growing world economy where real output is expected to rise over the foreseeable future. This paper develops a novel approach by which to identify the price of oil at the time of ...
Emerging economies as sources of investment and appropriate technology: evidence from India
S Chaturvedi / Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2008
The BICS countries (Brazil, India, China, and South Africa) have developed strong linkages with fellow developing countries in the realms of trade, investment and technology. This paper analyses the major trends in India’s linka...
Rise of BICS and the world economy implications of india’s recent expansion on developing countries
S.K Mohanty / Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2008
The rise of emerging countries has caused a profound impact on the balance of economic powers in the global economy. With the upsurge of the emerging economies, global disparity between countries has not only been reduced but many of ...
Efficiency gains from liberalizing labor mobility
F. Docquier; J. Machado; K. Sekkat / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2013
The relation between cross-country labour mobility and world GDP needs further study. This paper investigates the effect of a complete liberalisation of international labour mobility on the allocation of the world labour force, world ...
Exchange rate regimes for post-conflict recovery
I. Elbadawi; R. Soto / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2013
The economic agenda for post-conflict transition has been dominated by issues of aid effectiveness. This paper argues that the received literature has largely ignored the important issue of what constitutes an optimal exchange rate an...
Informality in Latin America: interpretations, facts and opportunities
V. Tokman / Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies, South Africa, 2009
This paper deals with informality and its transition to modernity. The transit to formalization will enable those working in the informal economy to improve their chances of being included, become less vulnerable, and ensure a better ...
Changing economic power in the world economy
M Agarwal / Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2008
Two features stand out in the development of the world economy in the past years: increasing integration and a major hiatus in the growth of the different economies from 1973-74. This paper analyses the implications of the rapid growt...
The differential effects of oil demand and supply shocks on the global economy
P. Cashin; K. Mohaddes; M. Raissi / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2013
How do oil-price shocks affect real output, inflation, the real effective exchange rates, interest rates, and equity prices in different countries, including major oil exporters? The current paper investigates the macroeconomic effect...
The limited promise of agricultural trade liberalization
T.A Wise / Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2009
It has become an article of faith in international trade negotiations that farmers in developing countries have much to gain from agricultural trade liberalisation. This paper assesses the evidence for such claims. It concludes that t...
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