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Middle East and North Africa

HIV among MSM in the Middle East and North Africa
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C. Stowers / Panos Pictures
Men who have sex with men (MSM) bear a disproportionately higher burden of HIV infection than the general population. The objective of this review is to demonstrate the evidence on the epidemiology of HIV among MSM in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The paper notes that MSM in the MENA are a largely hidden population because of a prevailing stigma towards this type of sexual behaviour, thereby limiting the ability to assess infection transmission patterns among them.

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Governments falter in fight to curb corruption: the people give most a failing grade
S. Richmond; C. Alpin / Afrobarometer, 2013
Corruption punishes the poor the most. This paper underlines that poor Africans perceive higher levels of corruption in their state institutions and are more likely to pay a bribe in order to obtain official documents, gain access to ...
What people want from government: basic services performance ratings, 34 countries
J. Asunka / Afrobarometer, 2013
The current paper relies on an Afrobarometer survey that asked people in 34 African countries to rate the governmental performance in their countries regarding basic services. The paper shows that Africans hold largely negative views ...
Oil & mining countries: transparency low, impunity high
E. Gyimah-Boadi; D. Armah-Attoh; M. Awal / Afrobarometer, 2013
Minerals are important economic resource for Africa. In this sense, Twenty-two of 34 African countries surveyed by Afrobarometer stake their countries' economic futures on development of mineral or oil production. The paper dem...
Resource rents, institutions and violent civil conflicts
I. Elbadawi; R. Soto 2013
Natural resources have been blamed for inducing slow growth and sparking civil conflicts and violence. This paper first develops a model to account for the hazard of armed civil conflicts as a manifestation of the natural resource cur...
Dual banking and financial contagion
M.S. Nabi / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2013
In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region the banking system is becoming dual in many countries where there is a presence of both conventional banks (CBs) and Islamic banks (IBs). This duality has generated a new challenge for...
Agricultural water-use efficiency in a global perspective: the case of Iran
G. Soltani / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2013
This study addresses the problem of water-use efficiency in agriculture via the optimisation of water use for and the external trade patterns of agricultural products in Iran. Towards this end, some major issues on agricultural water ...
Mitigating ‘non-conflict’ violence by creating peaceful political settlements
M. Schultze-Kraft / Institute of Development Studies UK, 2014
Understanding and addressing ‘non-conflict’ violence is a key challenge for development. Different types of ‘non-conflict’ violence, such as homicide, massacres, armed robbery and gender-based violence, which o...
Sstudents’ achievement in the MENA countries: the Eyneman-Loxley effect revisited using TIMSS 2007 data
D.S. Bouhlila / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2013
Since the controversial finding of the Coleman Report (1966), which was that school resources had little effect on educational outcomes comparing to family background, huge literature has emerged in order to verify the above finding i...
Partis islamistes, pouvoir et etat profond dans le monde Arabe: analyse en termes du Principal-Agent
B. Elmorchid / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2013
L’arrivée des partis islamistes au pouvoir dans certains pays arabes (Egypte, Tunisie et Maroc) est porteuse d’espoir pour les populations. Mais, la forte mobilisation des structures représentatives de l&rsqu...
Banking and monetary crises: impacts on exports of MENA countries
M. Abdallah; Z. Bouchaddakh / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2013
To date, there has been relatively limited literature treating the impact of financial crises on exports. This paper deals with the impacts of financial crises on the exports of goods and the exports of services in the case of MENA co...
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