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Protecting Bangladesh's migrant labourers
Construction workers
S. Torfinn / Panos Pictures
This 4th edition of the Protifolon series sheds light on important reforms and actions concerning labour migration from Bangladesh. It is clear that the government has undertaken serious reforms in certain areas but new areas are constantly emerging. The government may consider declaring 2012-2021 the decade of migration and undertake necessary policies and programmes to face the emerging challenges in the migration sector and to promote safe labour migration from Bangladesh.

Latest Documents

Organic agriculture and post-2015 development goals: building on the comparative advantage of poor farmers
Setboonsarng true; A. Markandya / Asian Development Bank, 2015
The book makes an evidence-based case for organic agriculture in developing countries, particularly those in Southeast Asia. It argues that organic agriculture has contributed to several of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG...
Best practices in poverty alleviation and SDGs in South Asia: a compendium
South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, 2014
This Compendium of the Best Practices begins by outlining the emphasis of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) institutions on poverty alleviation from 1985 to 2012 when the Poverty Alleviation Ministers’ mee...
Impact of climate change on Least Developed Countries: are the SDGs possible?
H. Wright; S. Huq; J. Reeves / International Institute for Environment and Development, 2015
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will define the priorities of the UN’s development agenda beyond 2015. But the reality of climate change impacts will render these aspirational goals almost impossibly challenging for the...
India and its Eastern neighbours: prospects for sub-regional cooperation
S. Ramaswamy / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, 2015
South Asia is the fastest growing region in the world. The combined economy of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) is the third largest in the world in terms of GDP (PPP), with US and China ahead. SAARC countr...
Pakistan in China’s eyes: pawn, pivot or a pointer to its world view?
I.A. Chowdhury / Institute of South Asian Studies, 2015
China’s engagement with Pakistan serves as a pointer to the way Beijing is likely to deal with the rest of the world as it redefines its pivotal global position. This policy briefing makes a series of observations about the rela...
Strengthening rule of law responses to counter violent extremism: what role for civil society in South Asia?
Institute of South Asian Studies, 2015
Violence and extremism in South Asia, including potential threats posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), remain a concern for many regional and international observers. Three South Asian countries—Afghanistan,...
Leveraging agriculture for nutrition in South Asia and East Africa: examining the enabling environment through stakeholder perceptions
S. Gillespie; M. van den Bold; J. Hodge / Food Security, 2015
South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa are the two regions of the world with the highest concentration of undernutrition. The majority of the nutritionally vulnerable populations in both regions is dependent in some way upon agriculture as...
Sustainable Energy for All in South Asia: Potential, Challenges, and Solutions
Muhammad Naveed Iftikhar; Fatima Najeeb; Sardar Mohazzam; Shahida Arif Khan / Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Pakistan, 2015
Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL), a global initiative launched by the United Nations in 2011, has considerable relevance to the current energy situation in South Asia. In 2010, approximately 417 million people in South Asia lacked ...
Building reciprocal rural-urban linkages through infrastructure investment and development
A. Allen (ed); D. Brown (ed); J. Dávila (ed) / Evidence on Demand, 2015
This Topic Guide from Evidence on Demand presents evidence of where infrastructure has been used to build rural-urban linkages that have promoted socially just, environmentally sustainable and resilient outcomes. Written by the Develo...
Menstrupedia - Your guide to healthy periods
Menstrupedia is a web guide to menstrual hygiene and health. Developed in India by a team of communications professionals, artists, storytellers and medical professionals Menstrupedia aims to deliver informative and entertaining conte...
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