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Protecting Bangladesh's migrant labourers
Construction workers
S. Torfinn / Panos Pictures
This 4th edition of the Protifolon series sheds light on important reforms and actions concerning labour migration from Bangladesh. It is clear that the government has undertaken serious reforms in certain areas but new areas are constantly emerging. The government may consider declaring 2012-2021 the decade of migration and undertake necessary policies and programmes to face the emerging challenges in the migration sector and to promote safe labour migration from Bangladesh.

Latest Documents

Child Marriage in South Asia
Center for Food Safety, 2013
Child marriage is a human rights crisis occurring on an alarming scale in South Asia. South Asia accounts for almost half of all child marriages that occur globally. Child marriage does not constitute a single rights violation; rather...
Women’s Social Security and Protection in India
What are the real-life situations and challenges relating to Indian women’s social security and protection, and what can be done to improve them? This publication documents the Conference on Women’s Social Security ...
The Other Asian Enigma: Explaining the Rapid Reduction of Undernutrition in Bangladesh
D.D. Headey / International Food Policy Research Institute, 2014
South Asia has long been synonymous with persistent and unusually high rates of child undernutrition — the so - called Asian enigma . Yet contrary to this stereotype , Bangladesh has manage d to sustain a rapid reduction in the ...
An overview of changing scenario of economic empowerment through gender budgeting
S. Nadal 2014
According to this article, the mainstream of ‘women in development’ planning is critical in determining the extent to how much women could participate and obtain benefit from development process. This involves understandin...
Unlocking the Doha impasse: imperative of a balanced Bali Package
B. hatterjee; A. Jatkar 2013
This paper argues that while the Doha Round is deadlocked, there is still a possibility that the WTO members will be able to reach an agreement on specific issues. The paper discusses three possible areas of convergence: agriculture, ...
Trade and exchange rates: effects of exchange rate misalignments on tariffs
V. Thorstensen; E. Marçal; L. Ferraz 2013
The genesis of the GATT and IMF in 1940s created a clear line between the GATT and IMF: one was to be responsible for trade liberalisation, and the other for exchange-rate. The current paper argues that this artificial construction cr...
Geneva consensus for trade multilateralism: a relook at the eighth Millennium Development Goal – Global Partnership for Development
P.S. Mehta; B. Chatterjee; R.S. Kaukab 2013
Trade multilateralism is in crisis. The current paper reveals that part of the reason for this crisis is lack of recognition that the center of gravity of economic activities are shifting towards the east. On the other hand, th...
Transnational responses to violence against women in the name of 'culture': evaluation of the Violence Is Not Our Culture Campaign (2008-2011)
A.L Shaheed / Women Living Under Muslim Law, 2011
In 2007, members of the Stop Stoning Forever Campaign in Iran and the Women Living under Muslim Laws (WLUML) network initiated the ‘Violence is not our Culture’ (VNC) campaign. The VNC is aimed at bringing an end to the mi...
Environmental sustainability challenges in cotton value chain: how is India responding to these challenges?
P.C. Jena 2013
Promotion of environmentally-sustainable cotton has emerged as a major policy concern globally. This paper sheds light on the role of Indian government policy to ensure delivery of better and sustainable cotton production and consumpt...
Ensuring access to rare earths: are WTO disciplines on export restrictions enough?
V. Johnson 2013
Global supply of rare earths (REs) has been inhibited by China’s policies which prohibit/limit exports, which have been purportedly undertaken with salutary objectives like mineral conservation and public health. This paper cons...
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