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Protecting Bangladesh's migrant labourers
Construction workers
S. Torfinn / Panos Pictures
This 4th edition of the Protifolon series sheds light on important reforms and actions concerning labour migration from Bangladesh. It is clear that the government has undertaken serious reforms in certain areas but new areas are constantly emerging. The government may consider declaring 2012-2021 the decade of migration and undertake necessary policies and programmes to face the emerging challenges in the migration sector and to promote safe labour migration from Bangladesh.

Latest Documents

Menstrupedia - Your guide to healthy periods
Menstrupedia is a web guide to menstrual hygiene and health. Developed in India by a team of communications professionals, artists, storytellers and medical professionals Menstrupedia aims to deliver informative and entertaining conte...
Use of menstrual cup by adolescent girls and women: potential benefits and key challenges
The African Population and Health Research Centre, 2010
In resource poor settings, sanitary towels are often too expensive and unaffordable for most adolescent girls and women who need them, and as a consequence these women and girls resort to unhygienic methods. This is one of a series of...
Developing economic corridors in South Asia
P. De; K. Iyengar / Asian Development Bank, 2015
Unlike in East and South East Asia, the manufacturing sector has underperformed in South Asia due to various constraints, which, if addressed effectively, can unlock untapped economic potential of the young demographics of South Asia....
The art of implementation: gender strategies transforming national and regional climate change decision making
R. Pearl-Martinez; L. Aguilar; F. Rogers; J. Siles / World Conservation Union, 2012
This publication shares IUCN’s experiences in developing gender-responsive national strategies and roadmaps on climate change. It outlines the steps and elements of creating a ccGAP (climate change gender action plans) or ...
Gender and Climate Change in the Himalayas
B. Leduc / International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, (ICIMOD), Nepal, 2009
This paper highlights that global warming is impacting on the Himalayas in several ways, and that men and women are affected differently by change. The paper looks specifically at increased occurrence of natural disasters, depl...
Markets for Nutrition
J. Humphrey; S. Zuberi / Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia, 2015
Making safe, nutrient-rich foods more accessible to people on low-incomes is one way to reduce micronutrient undernutrition (the lack of essential nutrients and minerals required by the body for healthy development). Effor...
Helpdesk Report: Comparisons of outcomes of formal primary schooling and non - formal education in Asia
J. Pennells / Department for International Development, UK, 2010
This Helpdesk response includes articles on education in Asia. Substantial evidence is lacking on the comparable effectiveness of non formal education versus formal primary schooling in terms of the learning achievements, employment o...
Helpdesk Report: Demand-side school incentive programmes
L. Bolton / Department for International Development, UK, 2011
This report reviews the impact of demand side school incentives programmes.  It presents articles and case studies on: Cash (or in-kind) transfer programmes Vouchers Scholarships Operatio...
Helpdesk Report: Increasing facility - based deliveries and providing referral transport for women in childbirth in Asia
Health and Education Advice and Resource Team, 2014
This report looks at approaches to increasing the proportion of baby deliveries which take place in health facilities, and the provision of referral transportation for women and childrento access healthcare for childbirth and for emer...
Do Barangays Really Matter in Local Services Delivery?: Some Issues and Policy Options
A. Layug / Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2009
This paper is borne out of the need to address the scarcity of evidence-based studies on barangay financing. It analyzes and evaluates key issues on financing of devolved functions at the barangay level, with particular focus on fund ...
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