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Protecting Bangladesh's migrant labourers
Construction workers
S. Torfinn / Panos Pictures
This 4th edition of the Protifolon series sheds light on important reforms and actions concerning labour migration from Bangladesh. It is clear that the government has undertaken serious reforms in certain areas but new areas are constantly emerging. The government may consider declaring 2012-2021 the decade of migration and undertake necessary policies and programmes to face the emerging challenges in the migration sector and to promote safe labour migration from Bangladesh.

Latest Documents

How to scale out community-based adaptation to climate change
E. Gogoi; M. Dupar; L. Jones / Climate and Development Knowledge Network, 2014
This working paper explores the ‘scaling out’ of community-based adaptation (CBA) pilots, which is defined as ‘more quality benefits to more people over a wider geographical area, more equitably, more quickly, and mo...
Rapid review: Nepal road safety
J. Fletcher / Evidence on Demand, 2013
This rapid desk-based study is sought to provide evidence to support improved road safety in Nepal. The paper indicates that Nepal has one of the highest road accident fatality rates in the world. However, crash data reporting ...
Lose to gain: is involuntary resettlement a development opportunity?
J. Perera (ed) / Asian Development Bank, 2014
Resettlement policies and laws in South Asian countries at present focus primarily on compensation payment for property acquired for a public purpose. This book assesses the adequacy of conventional compensation and resettlement assis...
Sourcing examples of policy and programming practice for empowering women in a rural context
U. Murray / Evidence on Demand, 2013
This reports deals with the issue of empowering women in a rural context, aiming at promoting transformative gender policy by updating livelihoods advisers’ knowledge of gender in a changing agricultural and rural context. ...
Towards a conceptual framework for improved monitoring and evaluation of SEA outcomes: a discussion note
G. Yaron / Evidence on Demand, 2013
This paper tries to answer the question how can standard Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) process be modified to incorporate robust long term monitoring frameworks which facilitate outcome mapping and impact assessment. ...
Farmers’ Preferences for Climate-Smart Agriculture An Assessment in the Indo-Gangetic Plain
G. Taneja; B. Deb Pal; P.K. Joshi / International Food Policy Research Institute, 2013
This study was undertaken to assess farmers’ preferences and willingness to pay (WTP) for various climate-smart interventions in the Indo-Gangetic Plain. The Indo-Gangetic Plain (IGP) was selected because it is highly vulnerable...
Climate & environment assessment: tackling acid and burns violence
S. Selby / Evidence on Demand, 2013
This paper is a climate and environmental assessment that was conducted as part of the “Business Case” for “Tackling Acid and Burns Violence in Asia”. It involves applying a climate and environmental sensitivit...
women’s economic empowerment and growth in low income countries: a global research programme (2013-2018)
I. Grant / Evidence on Demand, 2013
Evidence that barriers to women’s economic participation and productivity may be stifling opportunities for growth is strengthening. Nevertheless, uptake of policies that progress growth through improved economic opportunities f...
Organising women workers in the informal economy
N. Kabeer; K. Milward; R. Sudarshan / Gender and Development, 2013
There are numerous challenges facing organisation amongst the hardest-to-reach women in the informal economy. This paper, published in Gender and Development, examines the various factors determining the success and failure of attempt...
The potential of NGOs to build resilience to climate extremes and disasters in the Sahel and a selection of DFID priority countries
S. Standley / Evidence on Demand, 2013
The BRACED is a multi-year programme which will scale up funding to NGOs interventions that build community resilience to extreme climate events in ten African and South Asian countries. Drawing on the first two phases of BRACED, this...
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