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Protecting Bangladesh's migrant labourers
Construction workers
S. Torfinn / Panos Pictures
This 4th edition of the Protifolon series sheds light on important reforms and actions concerning labour migration from Bangladesh. It is clear that the government has undertaken serious reforms in certain areas but new areas are constantly emerging. The government may consider declaring 2012-2021 the decade of migration and undertake necessary policies and programmes to face the emerging challenges in the migration sector and to promote safe labour migration from Bangladesh.

Latest Documents

Helpdesk Report: Comparisons of outcomes of formal primary schooling and non - formal education in Asia
J. Pennells / Department for International Development, UK, 2010
This Helpdesk response includes articles on education in Asia. Substantial evidence is lacking on the comparable effectiveness of non formal education versus formal primary schooling in terms of the learning achievements, employment o...
Helpdesk Report: Demand-side school incentive programmes
L. Bolton / Department for International Development, UK, 2011
This report reviews the impact of demand side school incentives programmes.  It presents articles and case studies on: Cash (or in-kind) transfer programmes Vouchers Scholarships Operatio...
Helpdesk Report: Increasing facility - based deliveries and providing referral transport for women in childbirth in Asia
Health and Education Advice and Resource Team, 2014
This report looks at approaches to increasing the proportion of baby deliveries which take place in health facilities, and the provision of referral transportation for women and childrento access healthcare for childbirth and for emer...
Do Barangays Really Matter in Local Services Delivery?: Some Issues and Policy Options
A. Layug / Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2009
This paper is borne out of the need to address the scarcity of evidence-based studies on barangay financing. It analyzes and evaluates key issues on financing of devolved functions at the barangay level, with particular focus on fund ...
Labor Policies and Philippine Companies: Analysis of Survey Opinions
G. Sicat / Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2009
This paper analyzes the responses from a survey of Philippine companies concerning labor market policies, such as minimum wage-setting process, hiring and firing practices, training, and holidays. These policies have gained wide accep...
Communicating and Using Seasonal Climate Forecasts: a Challenge Crossing National, Organizational, and Disciplinary Boundaries
P. Hayman; J. Liguton / Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2009
The papers in this special issue come from the project "Bridging the gap between seasonal climate forecasts (SCFs) and agricultural decisionmakers in the Philippines and Australia" funded by the Australian Centre for International Agr...
El NiƱo Southern Oscillation in the Philippines: Impacts, Forecasts, and Risk Management
F. Hilario / Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2009
The climate of the Philippines is highly influenced by the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO). El Nino is associated with an increased chance of drier conditions and La Nina is associated with an increased chance of wetter conditions...
Assessing the Value of Seasonal Climate Forecasts on Farm-level Corn Production through Simulation Modeling
C. Reyes / Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2009
Rainfall variability greatly influences corn production. Thus, a skillful forecast is potentially of value to the farmers because it could help them make a number of crop management decisions including crop choice, variety selection, ...
Have Islamic banks been more resistant than conventional banks to the 2007-2008 financial crisis?
K. Bourkhis; M.S. Nabi / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2011
The recent global financial crisis has induced a series of failures of many conventional banks; in this context, many economists advocate for the return to narrow banking and/or for favouring the development of Islamic banking, suppos...
Rural development & energy policy: lessons from agricultural mechanisation in South Asia
S. Biggs; S. Justice / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, 2011
In terms of agricultural and rural mechanisation, a great deal has happened on the ground since the debates of the 1970s. The diversity of South Asia's mechanisation experiences can be used to help policy debates, concerning rural and...
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