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India and Aid and debt

  • Capital: New Delhi
  • Population: 1173108018
  • Size: 3287590.0 Km2

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The BLDS aid collection
The BLDS aid collection

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The Asian donors: is there a non-Western model of aid?
A., M. Jerve / Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway 2007
Increasingly, Asia's emerging market economies are entering the landscape of international aid, joining Japan as major international donors. But how different are Asian countries' aid policies to those of West...
What can poor people teach us about development?: lessons from PPAs in India
S. Viswanathan; R. Srivastava / Asian Development Bank 2007
Since the late 1990s, policy makers, donors, NGOs and researchers have become increasingly interested in participatory poverty assessments (PPAs) and participatory evaluation of development initiatives for the poor. This synthesis rep...
Community-led drought risk reduction: lessons from South Asia
Duryog Nivaran: South Asia Network for Disaster Risk Reduction 2006
Recent development in South Asia has led to a rapid increase in exploitation of rivers and groundwater, causing considerable stress on these water sources. This paper outlines the threat that drought poses to vulnerable comm...
Developing educational materials for natural disaster preparedness: lessons from Asia and the Pacific
Asian Disaster Preparedness Center 2007
Education is now recognised as playing an important role in allowing individuals and communities to prepare for disaster. It forms a key element of the Hyogo Framework for Action and is also being addressed through UNESCO’s Deca...
How did India’s debt to GDP ratio increase in 2005/06 from the 1980’s?
G. Pang; B. Pinto; M. Wes / Policy Research Working Papers, World Bank 2007
This paper examines the links between the public finances and growth in the post-1991 period in India. It particularly focuses on addressing how over the past 25 years, India’s economy has grown at an average real rate of close ...
An overview of the relief efforts in Pakistan and guidelines for more effective responses to earthquakes
A. Bhatti / Duryog Nivaran: South Asia Network for Disaster Risk Reduction 2006
This technical brief provides an overview of the situation in earthquake-affected areas of Pakistan. It describes the early relief efforts and the gaps in assistance. It also: highlights the importance of recognising ge...
Increased spending on HIV and AIDS has not come at the expense of funding for other areas
E. Lief; J. Antonio Izazola-Lice / Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington 2006
Produced as a background paper to inform the conference, ‘Sustaining U.S. Global Leadership on HIV and AIDS’, this issue brief presents a preliminary analysis of HIV and AIDS financing in developing countries. Drawing...
Differing outcomes of food aid in Africa and Asia
C. del Ninno; P. A Dorosh; K. Subarao / World Bank 2005
This paper analyses the outcomes of food aid and food security in India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Zambia. The research shows that there are large differences in the effectiveness of food aid in reducing long term dependence on food a...
Reporting the aftermath of the Tsunami
J. Park; A. Jensen / International Federation of Journalists 2005
This report gives an overview of the challenges journalists and media organisations face in the aftermath of the tsunami. The massive earthquake and subsequent tsunamis devastated a number of communities in a dozen Indian Ocean countr...
Rebuilding efforts across five Tsunami affected countries
World Vision 2006
This report documents how World Vision is working to rebuild communities across five Tsunami affected countries in a community-driven, long-term recovery program. The document considers reconstruction efforts in India, Sri Lank...
Items 1 to 10 of 57

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