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Mozambique and Aid and debt

  • Capital: Maputo
  • Population: 22061451
  • Size: 801590.0 Km2

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The BLDS aid collection
The BLDS aid collection

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What is the food security outlook for Southern Africa for 2008?
Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Policy Analysis Network 2007
This report summarises the results of a study of the food security outlook for Southern Africa, highlighting the major threats to food security in the period October 2007 to March 2008. It incorporates the findings from six country ou...
What is the relationship between Mozambican CSO’s and external donors?
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 2007
This document presents a discussion on the role played by Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s) in global budget support in Mozambique. One of the areas highlighted are the dimensions of relations between CSOs from the north and t...
Are HIV/AIDS funds being used effectively in Mozambique, Uganda and Zambia?
N. Oomman; M. Bernstein; S. Rosenzweig / Center for Global Development, USA 2007
Donor funding for HIV/AIDS has skyrocketed in the last decade: from US$ 300 million in 1996 to US$ 8.9 billion in 2006; yet, little is understood about how these resources are being spent. This paper analyses the policies and practice...
Developing-country ownership and aid effectiveness
OECD Development Centre 2007
Experts agree that a development finance system must be owned by developing countries in order to reduce poverty and achieve sustained economic growth. Ahead of the 2008 High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Accra (Ghana), the OECD...
IMF conditions preventing achievement of education for all in Malawi, Sierra Leone and Mozambique
A.A. Marphatia; R. Moussié; A. Ainger / ActionAid International 2007
IMF restrictions on recurrent government spending are working against the MDGs, and Education for All, this report argues. Through research with the governments of Malawi, Mozambique and Sierra Leone, this study shows that IMF-imposed...
Can donors supporrt environmental objectives General Budget Support?
N. Bird; L. Cabral / Overseas Development Institute 2007
This paper examines how environmental objectives are pursued by donors in a context where aid delivery mechanisms are changing. It cites General Budget Support (GBS) as an example of an increasingly important aid instrument that empha...
The impact of emergencies on women and children
United Nations Children's Fund 2007
This Humanitarian Action Report 2007 outlines UNICEF’s appeal for children and women in 33 emergencies around the world. In each country it looks at critical issues for children, key actions and achievements in 2006 and planned h...
The nature of budget processes and how donors can make use of them
Department for International Development, UK 2007
This briefing note distills the findings of several political analyses of the budget process in developing countries and highlights why a good political understanding of theset processes is important to improve aid effectiveness. It s...
Country Strategy Papers are less effective than other mechanisms for aid harmonisation
Department for International Development, UK 2006
This study examines the role which the Country Strategy Papers (CSPs) and similar policy documents of the EC play in improving coordination and complementarity between EC and member states’ aid programmes. The study also assesses...
FAO and relief NGOs should focus greater attention on local seed markets
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2004
This report is the outcome of a FAO workshop on "Effective and Sustainable Seed Relief Activities", convened 26–28 May 2003. The aim of the workshop was to improve the effectiveness of seed relief interventions and the contributi...
Items 1 to 10 of 51

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