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India and Governance Assessments

  • Capital: New Delhi
  • Population: 1173108018
  • Size: 3287590.0 Km2

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Issues in labour market inequality and women’s participation in India’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme
S. Dasgupta; R. M. Sudarsham / International Labour Organization 2011
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee (MGNREGP or NREGP), functions as an income supplement for poor households by providing 100 days of work to a rural household, with 33 per cent of all workdays reserved for women w...
Women workers and the politics of claims-making in a globalizing economy
N. Kabeer / Political and Social Economy of Care (UNRISD) 2015
This paper draws on empirical studies to examine how the politics of claims-making by women workers in the Global South have evolved in the context of increased globalisation. The paper distinguishes between three categories of women ...
Judicial activism as a tool for the actualisation of socio-economic rights in Nigeria: comparison with Indian and South African experience
M. B. Tanko 2015
Due to the provisions in the 1999 constitution which gives room for judge’s activism, it is sometimes said that judicial activism is the most viable route for the actualisation of socio-economic rights for Nigerian citizens. Thi...
China’s dams & regional security implications: an Indian perspective
D. Jayaram / Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, India 2015
One of the characteristics of China’s “peaceful rise” has been its endeavour to control environment, demonstrated mainly by its dam-building policy. This paper underlines that China has been actively diverting river ...
Reimagining India’s Urban Future: A framework for securing high-growth, low-carbon, climate resilient urban development in India
M. Tewar; Z. Aziz; M. Cook / Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations 2015
This paper reviews the current state of the literature on Indian urbanisation to analyse existing urban development trajectories at the state level. The aim is to understand the challenges Indian cities face as well as the oppo...
Truth-telling by Third-Party Audits and the Response of Polluting firms: Experimental Evidence from India
International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2013
In many regulated markets, firms choose and pay private, third-party auditors, potentially creating a conflict of interest. This paper reports on a two-year field experiment in the Indian state of Gujarat that sought to curb such a co...
The search for a model land legislation: the new land bill and its challenges
N. Sahoo / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi 2011
The draft Indian Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill, which was introduced in the Lok Sabha on September 7, 2011 is one of the most important legislations waiting for Parliamentary approval. In its present form, ...
The Afghanistan factor in India's approach to central Asia
A Bhatnagar / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi 2014
Over the past decade, India has stepped up its efforts to reach out to the Central Asian Republics (CARs). New Delhi's approach to the region has been shaped, in part, by its interests in Afghanistan. Given the geographical location o...
Post-election challenges for the new government in Kabul
A Bhatnagar / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi 2014
With a new President (Ashraf Ghani) finally in place in Kabul, attention can shift from the protracted electoral process to the challenges likely to confront the new government. The ability of this government to deal with various poli...
The impacts of diesel price increases on India’s trucking industry
J. Parikh; G. Khedkar / Integrated Research and Action for Development 2013
In the fiscal year 2011–12, under-recoveries incurred by Indian oil-marketing companies for diesel rose to an all-time high of INR81,192 crore (US$15 billion) (Government of India, 2012a). Diesel constitutes 38 per cent of all p...
Items 1 to 10 of 54

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