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Brazil and Rising powers in international development

  • Capital: Brasília
  • Population: 201103330
  • Size: 8511965.0 Km2

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Tax rates in Brazil and South Africa
M. Moore; E.S. Lieberman / Governance and Development Review, IDS 2002
Brazil and South Africa have much in common. In particular, they are both large middle income countries with very high levels of income inequality where whites historically have dominated over blacks. They differ markedly in te...
Challenging drugs patents in Brazil
Oxfam 2001
The access of impoverished Brazilians to essential medicines, including those required for treatment of HIV/AIDS, is under threat. International pharmaceutical firms, with the backing of the United States government, are trying to ens...
Helping research institutions address IPR concerns
S. Salazar; C. Falconi; J. Komen; J. I. Cohen / International Service for National Agricultural Research 2000
The main purpose of this Briefing Paper is to provide an assessment of the use of proprietary biotechnology inputs in the agricultural research systems of selected Latin American countries: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mex...
Strengthening the institutions that ensure good governance in Latin America
L. Llambi / Sustainable Development Department, FAO SD Dimensions 2001
Paper asserts that strengthening the institutional capacities of local governments is important for: 1) economic reasons (e.g. productive and allocative efficiency), 2) equity reasons (territorial and social equity); and 3) political ...
Structural adjustment and the institutional dimensions of agricultural research and development in Brazil: soybeans, wheat and sugar cane
John Wilkinson; Bernardo Sor / OECD Development Centre 1992
Structural adjustment, liberalisation and the pressures of technological change are having major impact on the institutional organisation of the agro-industrial sector. In industrialised countries, the private sector is positioned to ...
Responding to Global Competitive Pressure: Local Co-operation and Upgrading the the Sinos Valley, Brazil
H. Schmitz / Institute of Development Studies UK 1998
Investigates whether enterprises in the export-oriented Sinos Valley (South of Brazil) have stepped up co-operation in response to intensified global competition in leather footwear. Recent cluster literature suggests that joint actio...
Globalisation and supply chain networks: the auto industry in Brazil and India
J. Humphrey / Institute of Development Studies UK 1999
Examines the restructuring of the auto industry, and in particular the auto components sector in Brazil and India. In both countries, trade liberalisation and changes in auto industry policy led to large nflows of FDI and major change...
Items 321 to 327 of 327

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