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India and Rising powers in international development

  • Capital: New Delhi
  • Population: 1173108018
  • Size: 3287590.0 Km2

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South-South scientific collaboration addresses developing country concerns
D. Dickson / SciDev.Net 2003
Nations such as Brazil, India, South Africa and China are increasingly acknowledging that they share not only common social and economic challenges, but also common goals in international trade negotiations. This paper argues that new...
How has globalisation impacted on developing country economies?
D. Bigman / International Service for National Agricultural Research 2002
This on-line book reviews the impact of globalisation on a range of issues, including the effects of changing global rules and regulations on the economies of developing countries in general, and their agricultural sectors in particul...
Flying software: is the Information Society heading South?
Richard Heeks / id21 Development Research Reporting Service 2002
In 1998, developing countries will export around US$3bn-worth of computer software to Western markets, making use of telecommunication networks - a conspicuous signal that Information Society benefits can be global. However, such 'hea...
Why the UK government should end its support for an investment agreement at the WTO Ministerial Conference
ActionAid International 2003
This paper presents Actionaids response to the issues surroundings the Cancun Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), to be held in September 2003. ActionAid is concerned that an investment agreement negot...
How does FDI from different source countries have differential impact on the exports of Indian industries?
R Banga / Global Development Network 2001
One of the most fiercely debated issues in the literature of development economics is the role played by the inward foreign direct investment in export performance of developing countries. This study aims to find whether FDI from diff...
Globalisation and poverty in India
M. Oschinski / Transformation, Integration and Globalization Economic Research, Poland 2003
Is globalisation and economic liberalisation a threat or an opportunity for the poor? Today, many in the national and international NGO community perceive globalisation and economic liberalization as a threat claiming that it widens i...
What would be the effect of freer trade in rice on trade flow patterns?
A. Gulati; S. Narayanan / International Food Policy Research Institute 2002
This paper explores the important link between rice trade liberalisation and poverty, seeking specifically to respond to two questions: What would be the effect of freer trade in rice on trade flow patterns? How will rice trade libera...
How the old view their lives - comparing attitudes in India and South Africa
United Nations Population Fund 2002
In order to sharpen international focus on some of the key operational challenges faced by older people today, UNFPA commissioned a pilot study in South Africa and India. The study methodology entailed a literature review, including a...
The path to growth for small firms in a liberalised world
M. Tewari; J. Goebel / Center for International Development, Harvard University 2002
This paper argues that the path to growth for small firms in a trade liberalised world lies in their ability to learn how to upgrade their production capacities and access new and complex markets. However, there is no blueprint for al...
What lessons can be learned from China, India and Indonesia's attempts to embrace sustainable development goals?
Institute of Advanced Studies. United Nations University, 2002
Based on the case study analyses of China, India, and Indonesia, this report introduces and examines some of the important issues related to developing a national strategy for sustainable development. Some of the issues and questions ...
Items 471 to 480 of 486

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