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Mexico and Rising powers in international development

  • Capital: Mexico City
  • Population: 112468855
  • Size: 1972550.0 Km2

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A summary of Ann Harrison’s Globalisation and Poverty
M. Nesvisky / National Bureau of Economic Research, USA 2007
A non-technical summary of a book titled ‘Globalisation and Poverty’ edited by Ann Harrison. It questions whether globalisation spreads wealth. The book concludes that the poor will benefit from globalisation if the appropri...
Papers from central banks: improvements and issues yet to be addressed in banking in emerging markets
Bank for International Settlements 2006
Banking crises in emerging markets in the 1990s were associated with major macroeconomic disruptions: sharp increases in interest rates, large currency depreciations, output collapses and lasting declines in the supply of credit. Bank...
Future projections on the status of the elderly will help in forward policy planning
A. I. Hermalin; M. B. Ofstedal; R. Tesfai / Population Studies Center, University of Michigan 2006
This paper generates profiles of the elderly to 2050 on key characteristics for a set of thirteen developing countries that vary by region, size, economic level, and cultural traditions. Findings show dramatic shifts in the educationa...
Channelling FDI into employment opportunities: towards greater State involvement in FDI investment decisions
C. Ernst / International Labour Organization 2005
This study analyses the evolution of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and the increasing role of transnational companies (TNCs) in the domestic economies of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico and will then in a second part outline the motiva...
Has an opening of the economy in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico helped quality employment creation?
C. Ernst / International Institute for Labour Studies, ILO 2005
This study describes the trade liberalisation process as well as the general patterns of trade and export performance of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico and attempts to assess sectoral labour market impacts. It investigates whether this ...
Effects of financial integration on emerging markets
Bank for International Settlements 2005
This document is a compilation of papers dealing with the effects of financial integration on emerging markets. The compilation holds a number of background papers which explore general issues of globalisation and monetary policy in e...
Fiscal dominance and emerging economies
E. Zoli / Bank for International Settlements 2005
Based on empirical evidence on the relation between fiscal and monetary policy, this paper analyses how fiscal policy affects monetary policy in emerging economies (EM). The paper highlights that fiscal dominance can be, or become, an...
Conditional cash transfer programmes in Southern Africa and Latin America
P. Gertler; B. Barungi; I. Woolard / Southern African Regional Poverty Network 2005
This paper reflects on assessments of Mexico's Conditional Cash Transfer scheme (called PROGRESA) and draws comparisons with South Africa's Child Support Grant (CSG). It captures key highlights of a discussion on the impact of incenti...
Are conditional cash transfers (CCTs) effective as a social protection measure?
T. Britto / Institute for Development Policy and Management, Manchester 2005
This paper analyses the characteristics, design and implementation factors contributing to the popularity of conditional cash transfers (CCT) in Latin America. It is based on an analysis of the Mexican Program of Education, Health and...
Impact of trade liberalisation on household poverty
T.W. Hertel; M. Ivanic; P.V. Preckel; J.A.L. Cranfield / Global Trade Analysis Project 2003
This paper gives an analysis of the structure of poverty across a range of developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and explores how national poverty rates could be affected by global trade liberalization. Some o...
Items 1 to 10 of 15

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