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Ghana and Evidence for policy and practice

  • Capital: Accra
  • Population: 24339838
  • Size: 239460.0 Km2

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Building capacity for the use of research evidence in Ghana’s Ministry of Employment
International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications 2017
The importance of evidence in public policy making is widely recognised in Ghana at top levels of government. The overarching national development strategy, the Ghana Shared Growth and Development Strategy (GSGDA II), sees evi...
Ghana LEAP programme increases schooling outcomes
R. de Groot / UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre 2015
There is a growing body of literature analysing the impacts of social cash transfer programmes (SCT) on schooling. This brief summarizes findings from the impact evaluation of the Ghana Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) pr...
Embedding gender and diversity in the Plantwise Programme: overview of findings
Evidence on Demand 2015
It is widely assumed that women are not heavily engaged in agriculture, however data from around the world highlights the critical role that women play in agricultural production, especially in less-developed countries. In spite of th...
Helpdesk Report: Seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC) in Ghana
G. Foster; C. Holley; S. Thompson / Health and Education Advice and Resource Team 2013
Malaria remains a leading cause of global ill health, causing an estimated 216 million cases of clinical malaria and 655 thousand deaths in 2010, of which more than 85% of malaria cases and 90% of malaria deaths occurred in sub-Sahara...
Helpdesk Report: National - and district - level funding in the health sector
Health and Education Advice and Resource Team 2014
Contact with health financing experts and a rapid literature search found no research that compares district level and national level donor funding. The literature suggests that effectiveness of funding at the national-level is likely...
Safe drinking water. Who is willing to pay the price?
International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2012
Treating water can reduce the prevalence of diarrhoea by up to 70 percent. Although there are several inexpensive water treatment technologies available, statistics show that every 15 seconds a child dies due to waterborne diseases. O...
Livelihood empowerment against poverty program impact evaluation in Ghana
S. Handa; M. Park; R. Osei Darko / International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2014
This document constitutes the quantitative impact evaluation report of the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) Program of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP), Government of Ghana (GoG). LEAP is a ...
A rapid assessment randomised - controlled trial of improved cookstoves in rural Ghana
J. Burwen; D.I. Levine / International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2012
We conducted a rapid assessment randomised-controlled trial to quantify changes in fuel use, exposure to smoke and self-reported health attributable to deployment of an improved wood cookstove in the Upper West region of Ghana. Women ...
Scholarships: the impact and effectiveness for disadvantaged children and girls
Health and Education Advice and Resource Team 2014
This report outlines a number of different scholarship, stipend and cash transfer programmes (CCTs). Evidence on the effectiveness and impact is mixed. Most programmes increase enrolments, but the impact on learning is less clear. ...
Safe drinking water: who is willing to pay the price?
C. Chapoy (ed); C. Null / International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2012
This briefing, the second issue of the Evidence Matters series, distills policy relevant evidence from a recent 3ie systematic review ‘Willingness to pay for cleaner water in less developed countries". The review summarises rese...
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