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Nepal and Evidence for policy and practice

  • Capital: Kathmandu
  • Population: 28951852
  • Size: 140800.0 Km2

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Seismic building codes: global and regional overview
S. Nienhuys / Evidence on Demand 2016
This report is the outcome of a rapid desk study to identify and collate the current state of evidence (in Nepal and other Low-Income Countries) to assess three issues: The regulation and effectiveness of seismic buildi...
Building better and safely: stimulating the private sector for sustainable solutions in Nepal
I.G. Peppercorn / Evidence on Demand 2016
Rather than focusing on how to reconstruct that portion of Nepal that was damaged in the April 25 2015 earthquake, the purpose of this document is to look to the future, with a particular emphasis on how the private sector can be stim...
How do social protection and labour programmes contribute to social inclusion? Evidence from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal
B. Babajanian; J. Hagen-Zanker; R. Holmes / Overseas Development Institute 2014
Today, the positive effects of social protection and labour programmes on core dimensions of well- being such as food consumption and access to health and education are well-recognised. However, less is known about the ability of thes...
Evidence and gaps in evidence on the principle political economy constraints and opportunities to successful investment in inclusive agribusiness in Asia
J.G. Kydd / Evidence on Demand 2016
This report pays particular reference to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kyrgyz Republic, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Tajikistan. The purpose is to inform a more detailed call down piece of work for DFID to scope the potential establishment...
Helpdesk report: Urban poverty in Nepal
S. Bakrania (ed) / Governance and Social Development Resource Centre 2015
This Helpdesk Report responds to the following query: What are the issues and trends in relation to urban poverty in Nepal? Include data on key trends as well as a qualitative overview of the issues pertaining to informal settlements,...
Output 4 Options Analysis: options analysis for a regional climate change programme to deliver more effective climate services, early warning and disaster risk reduction
S. Wade; S. Lester / Evidence on Demand 2015
South Asian countries are particularly vulnerable to extreme weather events, climate variability and longer-term climatic changes due to high population density, poverty, and lack of resources for adaptation. This report provid...
Research partnerships: the benefits of North–South collaboration
Nepal Centre for Contemporary Research 2013
Partnerships between Northern and Southern researchers are a powerful tool for studying problems of global change and for shaping development policies. North–South partnerships enable teams of researchers to focus on specific pr...
Case study: Nepal’s agriculture, climate change and food security
N. Grist / Evidence on Demand 2015
This brief is a country case study of Nepal produced alongside the DFID Topic Guide on Climate Change, Food Security and Agriculture. It highlights how climate change affects the situation of food security and agriculture in Nepal. Th...
Scholarships: the impact and effectiveness for disadvantaged children and girls
Health and Education Advice and Resource Team 2014
This report outlines a number of different scholarship, stipend and cash transfer programmes (CCTs). Evidence on the effectiveness and impact is mixed. Most programmes increase enrolments, but the impact on learning is less clear. ...
Rapid review: Nepal road safety
J. Fletcher / Evidence on Demand 2013
This rapid desk-based study is sought to provide evidence to support improved road safety in Nepal. The paper indicates that Nepal has one of the highest road accident fatality rates in the world. However, crash data reporting ...
Items 1 to 10 of 11

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