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Philippines and Education

  • Capital: Manila
  • Population: 99900177
  • Size: 300000.0 Km2

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The BLDS education collection
The BLDS education collection

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Cross-border trade in higher education: what are our chances?
Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2006
It is estimated that by year 2025, foreign student enrollees will reach eight million, four times more than what it is today based on the statistics of various international organizations. This growth in cross- border higher education...
The national system of technical vocational education and training in the Philippines: review and reform ideas
A.C. Orbeta, Jr.; E. Esguerra / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2016
The role of the National System of Technical Vocational Education and Training (NSTVET) is critical in skill upgrading and development. The rapidly changing technology highlights this need even more. This paper reviews the state of Ph...
Promoting inclusive growth through higher education
D.B. Canlas / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2016
Investing in human capital, especially in higher education, contributes to inclusive growth. Households, for the most part, finance higher education. To make growth that is driven by higher education inclusive, families with insuffici...
Importance of entrance exam scores for selecting grants-in-aid recipients
D.V. Silfverberg / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2016
The Students Grants-in-Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation (SGP-PA) is one of the initiatives of the Philippines government to break the poverty cycle by providing support to students who cannot afford tertiary education. It aims to i...
Results of an impact evaluation study on DepED's school-based feeding program
A.M.L. Tabunda; J.R.G. Albert; Imelda Angeles-Agdeppa / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2016
The link between malnutrition and poor health among elementary school children and absenteeism, early dropout and poor classroom performance as well as the effectiveness of school-based nutrition and health interventions in improving ...
Education, labor market, and development: a review of the trends and issues in the Philippines for the past 25 Years
A.C. Orbeta, Jr. / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2002
This paper comprehensively reviews the developments in the education and labor markets in the Philippines in the past 25 years. It highlights the trends on how the labor market has used educated workers. It also reviews how education ...
A national policy study on child labour and development in the Philippines
L. Lanzona; F.T. Aldaba; R.J. Tamangan 2004
The alarming number of children engaged in labour as released by the National Statistics Office from the years 1995 to 2001 gave rise to a timely national policy study to review all the important studies available on child labour and ...
Number of children and their education in Philippine households
A.C. Orbeta, Jr. / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2005
Relative to countries with about the same level of development, the Philippines is known for high school attendance at all levels. Even with its relatively low per capita income, it has achieved attendance rates that approximate those...
Human resource development and poverty in the Philippines
Le Thi Ai Lam / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2005
In the last twenty years, the Philippines has gained a good progress in poverty reduction. However, compared to other countries in the region, the Philippines is still behind. In the early years of the 21st century, more than a third ...
Cross-border transactions in higher education: Philippine competitiveness
A.L. Santiago / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2005
The international education service sector is undoubtedly growing. The movement of students across nations is expected to grow fourfold in the next quarter of a century. Undaunted by the current domination by English-speaking provider...
Items 1 to 10 of 80

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