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Brazil and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Capital: Brasília
  • Population: 201103330
  • Size: 8511965.0 Km2

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Brazil: no easy miracle increasing transparency and accountability in the extractive industries
C. Aguilar Sánchez 2012
Brazil’s consolidation as an emerging economy is not easily attributed to any political or economic miracle. Brazil has consciously adapted a large part of its commercial and financial strategy to changes in the global arena. As...
Brazil’s maritime strategy in the South Atlantic: the nexus between security and resources
A.E. Abdenur; D. Marcondesde Souza Neto / South African Institute of International Affairs 2013
The recent discovery of significant deposits of oil and gas in the pre-salt layers off the Brazilian coast has triggered new interests and concerns within the South Atlantic geopolitical space. The prospect of tapping into thoxse mari...
Improving environmental management of extractives through Environmental Impact Assessments
G. Damonte / Evidence and Lessons from Latin America 2013
How have Latin American countries been using Environmental Impact Assessments in order to build more sustainable extractive industries? A focus on Peru provides some interesting lessons. Is it possible to develop extractive ind...
Labour market information programmes
M. Jaramillo / Evidence and Lessons from Latin America 2013
How can Labour Market Information Programmes improve the coverage, quality and efficiency of labour markets? Within the liberal economic model that spread across Latin America during the 1990s, free and open markets were co...
Ethical cultures in large business organizations in Brazil, Russia, India, and China
This study focuses on comparison of perceptions of ethical business cultures in large business organisations from four largest emerging economies, referred to as the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), and from the US. The study...
Putting Contract Research Organisations on the Radar
I. Schipper / Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations 2011
It is a trend for pharmaceutical companies to contract third parties to conduct their clinical trials in order to test their drugs. This trend is referred to as outsourcing, and the companies that carry out the work are called contrac...
Trade unions and labour laws around the world
Baker and McKenzie 2010
This book looks at the current state of works councils and trade unions for 33 countries around the world. Topics include: collective bargaining unfair labour practices trade union employe...
Social impact of global cotton cultivation: assessing gaps in research
International Cotton Advisory Committee 2008
This paper reviews and categorises the most significant social science studies of labour and social impacts in cotton cultivation in ten focus countries, identified as the largest producers by volume. It identifies and evaluates the k...
How to make Brazil's tourism sustainable?
B. Slob; J. Wilde-Ramsing / Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations 2006
This report focuses on the tourism industry in Brazil. Using the case study of Porto de Galinhas, a small village in Brazil’s Northeast, the authors analyse sustainability issues in the tourism industry and map the value chain o...
Can Brazilian banks spearhead a change towards corporate sustainability?
C. Lins,; G. Wajnberg,; U. Steger, / International Institute for Management Development 2008
This paper analyses the knowledge and inclusion of the concept of corporate sustainability in the main institutions of the Brazilian banking sector. It is based on 67 interviews with top executives and questionnaires with a further 60...
Items 1 to 10 of 36

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