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Indonesia and Ethical business

  • Capital: Jakarta
  • Population: 242968342
  • Size: 1919440.0 Km2

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Understanding Wage Issues in the Tea Industry
Oxfam 2013
Wage levels are an issue of concern across the globe as individuals, companies and governments wrestle with how wages paid to workers relate to costs of living, corporate and national competitiveness, profitability and broader macroec...
Developing Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Papua Highlands
International Labour Organization 2010
This briefing documents the progress of ILO’s Entrepreneurship Skills Development project, which ran in 2009 and 2010 in the Papua Highlands, Indonesia, as part of the UN joint programme for the area. The ILO project was aimed a...
Trade unions and labour laws around the world
Baker and McKenzie 2010
This book looks at the current state of works councils and trade unions for 33 countries around the world. Topics include: collective bargaining unfair labour practices trade union employe...
Encouraging Asian pension funds to work towards a responsible future
The Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia 2009
Asia's pension funds are among the largest and fastest growing pools of capital in the region and their influence in the capital markets will continue to grow, especially as asset allocations diversify. The integration of environmenta...
Simulating the best policies for coal mining in Indonesia
L. Fatah / IDRC Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia 2007
This report analyses the impact of coal mining on the economy and environment of South Kalimantan Province, one of the most important coal producing regions in Indonesia. It uses a Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) to evaluate the impact...
Developing appropriate interventions to address the wildlife trade in South-East Asia
World Bank Research 2008
This paper discusses the findings of a study  on the economic and social drivers of the wildlife trade in four south-east Asian countries, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR and Vietnam. It assesses the effectiveness of interventions t...
Restructuring affects sustainability of tea sector
V.W. Sanne / Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations 2008
This report presents a detailed and comparative analysis on social, economic and ecological conditions in the tea sector in six of the most important tea-producing countries: India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya and Malawi. It ...
How to improve labour standards in sportswear industry?
Play Fair 2008 Campaign 2008
Across the global sportswear industry, workers manufacturing sports apparel, footwear and soccer balls face poor working conditions and substantial violation of rights. This report which brought to focus the sports workers’ prob...
Indonesia’s palm oil industry- the way ahead.
Greenpeace International 2008
This paper looks at the effects of Indonesia’s palm oil industry. It focuses on the activities of Unilever and other major organizations in dealing with the carbon liability issue. The paper concludes by discussing the way ahead...
Food industry restructuring at the national level: evidence from eight country case studies
T. Reardon; J. Huang / Sustainable Markets Group, IIED 2008
Rapid changes are taking place in the structure and governance of national and regional agrifood markets in developing countries, affecting the agricultural sector's ability to contribute to economic growth, poverty reduction and sust...
Items 1 to 10 of 39

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