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United States and Corporate Social Responsibility

United States
  • Capital: Washington
  • Population: 310232863
  • Size: 9629091.0 Km2

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New developments in Social Investing by public pensions
A.H. Munnell; A. Chen / Center for Retirement Research, Boston College 2016
Social investing is the pursuit of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals through investment decisions. Public pension funds have been active in this arena since the 1970s, when many divested from apartheid South Africa. Th...
Trade unions and labour laws around the world
Baker and McKenzie 2010
This book looks at the current state of works councils and trade unions for 33 countries around the world. Topics include: collective bargaining unfair labour practices trade union employe...
Social impact of global cotton cultivation: assessing gaps in research
International Cotton Advisory Committee 2008
This paper reviews and categorises the most significant social science studies of labour and social impacts in cotton cultivation in ten focus countries, identified as the largest producers by volume. It identifies and evaluates the k...
The influence of morality on corporate behaviour in Malaysia and the US
A. Z. Pitluck / Social Science Research Network 2008
This paper addresses the puzzle of why the inclusion of non-financial social justice or religious criteria by professional fund managers has been so popular in Malaysia and yet has had to date relatively little influence in the United...
Do firms over invest in CSR?
A. Barnea; A. Rubin / Social Science Research Network 2009
An increase in CSR expenditure may be consistent with firm value maximisation if it is a response to changes in stakeholders’ preferences. However, the authors of this paper argue that a firm’s insiders may seek to over-in...
Stories and learning from alliance-based efforts to improve employment standards for women workers
D. Dalton / Oxfam 2007
Women workers are an increasing part of the global labour force. However, they often find only poor-quality employment, thus, they are working, but remain trapped in poverty. No matter the context, many women workers face multipl...
The social and environmental impacts of steel giant Arcelor Mittal’s growth
G. Aitken, (ed) / CEE Bankwatch Network 2008
This paper investigates the impact of Arcelor Mittal’s growth on social and environmental factors focusing on cases studies in India, Romania, USA, South Africa, Ukraine, Bosnia, Kazhakstan, and the Czech republic. T...
Common misconceptions? The nature and impact of GM crops
J.L. Villar; B. Freese; N. Stocks (ed) / Friends of the Earth International 2008
This paper provides a fact-based assessment of Genetically Modified (GM) crops around the world. Analysing documents from scientific technical bodies, industry, academia, governments, and civil society across a range of countries incl...
Many Japanese workers choose to work in their late 60s and early 70s
J.B. Williamson; M. Higo / Center for Retirement Research, Boston College 2007
As part of the search for answers to questions about what could be done to increase labour force participation rates among older American workers, this paper looks at recent developments in Japan, one of the few industrial nations tha...
Children in Guatemala are paying the price for US vegetable products
National Labor Committee, USA 2007
This report documents the exploitation of child labour in Guatemala. In particular, the report explores the agricultural export sector with a specific focus on the company, Legumex. The report finds that: the maj...
Items 1 to 10 of 37

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