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India and Finance policy

  • Capital: New Delhi
  • Population: 1173108018
  • Size: 3287590.0 Km2

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The BLDS finance collection
The BLDS finance collection
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Resisting neo-liberal policies in India: a series of critical articles
Focus on the Global South 2007
It is predicted that India will be one of the economic powerhouses of the twenty-first century, with the current government focusing on the corporate sector. This collection of articles argues that progressive forces across India must...
Factors restricting the expansion of the supply chain in IT and business process services
M. Engman / Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 2007
This paper examines the expansion of international supply chains and the rise of China, the Czech Republic, India and the Philippines as exporters of business process services (BPS) and information technology services (ITS). The autho...
How will the growth of Indian multinationals impact development at home and abroad? 
J., P. Pradhan / Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi 2007
The last few decades have seen the transformation of Indian firms into global entities. This study traces the growth of Indian multinationals and explores their influence on the development processes of both the host countri...
Lessons for civil society groups and donors interested in undertaking applied budget work
P. de Renzio; W. Krafchik / Overseas Development Institute 2007
This study examines the issues of budget accountability and budget policies. Within budget acountability it looks at budget groups’ impact on levels of budget transparency, public literacy and awareness of budget issues, an...
India’s economy goes with the flow
C. Veeramani / Economic and Political Weekly, India 2007
What role have liberalisation policies had on India’s exports growth? This paper examines the response of the country’s exports to reforms in domestic policy and changes in world demand. It decomposes India’s export ...
How did India’s debt to GDP ratio increase in 2005/06 from the 1980’s?
G. Pang; B. Pinto; M. Wes / Policy Research Working Papers, World Bank 2007
This paper examines the links between the public finances and growth in the post-1991 period in India. It particularly focuses on addressing how over the past 25 years, India’s economy has grown at an average real rate of close ...
How to increase Asian FDI to Africa: case studies from Botswana, Ghana, Madagascar, Mozambique and Tanzania
M. Fujita; G. Liang; P. Mallampally; A. Miroux / United Nations [UN] Conference on Trade and Development 2007
How might African countries attract a greater proportion of Asian foreign direct investment (FDI)? This book first looks for answers to this question through an examination of the role that FDI played in both the successful economic d...
A practitioners guide to budget analysis
P. de Renzio; W. Krafchik / International Budget Partnership 2007
Can civil society improve the transparency, accountability and impact of public spending? While anecdotal information has been very encouraging, there is not yet sufficient information available to answer this central question. This p...
How can civil society and audit institutions collaborate in holding governments accountable?
V. Ramkumar / International Budget Partnership 2007
Civil society organisations are increasingly undertaking innovative actions designed to hold governments accountable for the use of public resources. The paper gives concrete examples of civil society particip...
NGOs increasing participation, accountability and social equity within the budgeting process
M. Robinson / Institute of Development Studies UK 2007
Civil society initiatives to improve budget transparency and influence government spending priorities are being introduced in developing countries. This IDS working paper reports on research carried out on six civil society budget gro...
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