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Philippines and Finance policy

  • Capital: Manila
  • Population: 99900177
  • Size: 300000.0 Km2

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The BLDS finance collection
The BLDS finance collection
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Work, family and social protection: old age income security in Bangladesh, Nepal, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam
C. Knox-Vydmanov / HelpAge International 2017
How does growing older affect a person’s income security in Asia? This question is becoming increasingly urgent in the context of rapid population ageing in the region, yet relatively limited comparative analysis has tried to ans...
The Philippine social pension at four years: insights and recommendations
HelpAge International 2016
Despite relatively sustained economic growth in recent years, levels of poverty and inequality in the Philippines have remained stagnant. This brings into focus the role of the social protection system to provide stronger protection a...
Is LandBank EO138 ready?
Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2000
The recent reforms and development in the financial market necessitate the reexamination of the role of Land Bank of the Philippines. This issue argues that LBP should focus on its development function and give up its commercial and i...
Protecting deposits in savings and credit cooperatives
G.M. Llanto / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2000
Throughout the years, savings and credit coopera tives (SCCs) int he Philippines have shown how effective they are in mobi- lizing millions of pesos of deposits from thousands of members, mostly coming from the low and middle income c...
Transforming Land Bank into a microfinance development institution
M.B. Lamberte / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2000
The economic crisis, which has put the Philippines under severe stress, is a stark reminder that the country’s economy has remained fragile despite the respectable growth realized during the first half of the 1990s. Official sta...
Scenarios for economic recovery: the Philippines
M.B. Lamberte; J.T. Yap / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 1999
This study reviews the economic policies and performance of the Philippine economy in the 1990s, briefly assesses the macro- and microeconomic impacts of the Asian financial crisis, describes the measures adopted by the government in ...
Currency crisis: where do we go from here?
M.B. Lamberte / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 1999
This paper reviews the arguments for and against the imposition of capital controls in the Philippines and discusses the liberalization process undertaken by the authorities since the 1980s. The view espoused by this paper is that the...
Direction or drift? The Philippine economy after 2004
Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2005
This brief includes have two major features. One dissects the key economic issues that the new Philippine president faces as a new six-year term unfolds after the May presiden tial election. The other talks about two top Philippine ex...
Resolution of nonperforming loans: do asset management companies matter?
G. Pasadilla; A. Hagiwara / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2005
When disturbances like an economic crisis, a market reform or even a change of government occur, the financial sector becomes affected and may result in a high level of nonperforming loans (NPLs). This makes banks unable to maintain t...
Contingent liabilities: adding up to the fiscal burden
Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2005
Who will carry the burden of the negative shocks to investments of private investors in infrastructure projects due to possible fluctuations in the economy in the future? Basically, the government, in view of the guarantees it signifi...
Items 1 to 10 of 340

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