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South Africa and Finance policy

South Africa
  • Capital: Pretoria
  • Population: 49000000
  • Size: 1219912.0 Km2

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The BLDS finance collection
The BLDS finance collection
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South African households dependent on welfare support up since 1994
K. Pauw; L. Mncube / International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth 2007
The authors evaluate the experience of the South African economy with respect to growth, poverty and inequality trends since democracy in 1994. They argue that while it remains contested whether there are fewer people in poverty today...
The role of central banks as agents of economic development and job creation
G. Epstein / International Labour Organization 2007
This research argues that current day orthodoxy of central banking, giving priority to single digit inflation rates is neither optimal nor desirable. The orthodoxy is based on false premises such as: moderate...
Lessons for civil society groups and donors interested in undertaking applied budget work
P. de Renzio; W. Krafchik / Overseas Development Institute 2007
This study examines the issues of budget accountability and budget policies. Within budget acountability it looks at budget groups’ impact on levels of budget transparency, public literacy and awareness of budget issues, an...
Casualisation of employment in southern Africa
O. (Ed) Bodibe, / National Labour and Economic Development Institute, South Africa 2006
This study explores the extent of casualisation in the southern African region’s formal sector and its impact on workers and the economy. It is based on country studies in Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and...
A practitioners guide to budget analysis
P. de Renzio; W. Krafchik / International Budget Partnership 2007
Can civil society improve the transparency, accountability and impact of public spending? While anecdotal information has been very encouraging, there is not yet sufficient information available to answer this central question. This p...
How can civil society and audit institutions collaborate in holding governments accountable?
V. Ramkumar / International Budget Partnership 2007
Civil society organisations are increasingly undertaking innovative actions designed to hold governments accountable for the use of public resources. The paper gives concrete examples of civil society particip...
South Africa's future economy
M. () Claasen / Institute for Democracy in South Africa 2007
This latest report from the Budget Information Service at the Institute for Democracy in South Africa examines the government budget for 2007 and proposes future policy options. Idasa’s Budget Information Service (BIS) uses data ...
Small firms and markets constrain investment in Africa
V. Ramachandran; S. Standley / Center for Global Development, USA 2007
Growth in equity investment in Africa has been disappointing, at least outside of South Africa. But is the cause, as many analysts suggest, ‘market failure’? The authors of this paper argue that such a diagnosis misses the u...
Can small-scale anti-poverty initiatives reduce women's exposure to violence and HIV infection?
P. Pronyk; J. Hargreaves; J. Kim; L. Morison / The Lancet 2006
This article from the Lancet provides evidence that microfinance initiatives combined with gender and HIV training can reduce levels of intimate partner violence. This in turn can potentially reduce levels of risk in relation to HIV. ...
NGOs increasing participation, accountability and social equity within the budgeting process
M. Robinson / Institute of Development Studies UK 2007
Civil society initiatives to improve budget transparency and influence government spending priorities are being introduced in developing countries. This IDS working paper reports on research carried out on six civil society budget gro...
Items 1 to 10 of 65

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