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Bangladesh and Food security

  • Capital: Dhaka
  • Population: 156118464
  • Size: 144000.0 Km2

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Review of Agri-Food Chain Interventions Aimed at Enhancing Consumption of Nutritious Food by the Poor: Bangladesh
M.S. Islam; M. Abid-Ul-Kabir; B. Chakraborty; M. Hossain / Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia 2017
Bangladesh is primarily an agrarian nation. Most of the people of the country directly or indirectly depend on agriculture. Rural people are more involved in this sector compared to urban people. Agriculture is the single largest prod...
Climate change vulnerability - cases from CIRDAP member countries
Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific 2016
Countries of the Asia Pacific region are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change as indicated by the global assessments by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). This monograph focuses on...
Prevalence and determinants of chronic malnutrition among preschool children: a cross-sectional study in Dhaka city, Bangladesh
Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition 2011
Chronic malnutrition is one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality among preschool children and the future productivity of nations. To understand the prevalence of chronic malnutrition and to identify the factors affecting hei...
Nutrition of children and women in Bangladesh: trends and directions for the future
Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition 2012
Although child and maternal malnutrition has been reduced in Bangladesh, the prevalence of underweight (weight-for-age z-score <-2) among children aged less than five years is still high (41%). Nearly one-third of women are underno...
Understanding adaptive capacity: sustainable livelihoods and food security in coastal Bangladesh
H. Wright; P. Kristjanson; G. Bhatt / International Water Management Institute 2012
This paper analyses data from a household-level survey of 980 agricultural and fishing households in seven sites across southern Bangladesh. We examine the relationship between assets, livelihood strategies, food security and farming ...
The Last Straw? The additional burden of climate change on food security in the Himalaya | GRID-Arendal - Publications - The last straw
GRID Arendal 2013
The food price spikes of 2007–08 brought food security into sharp focus on the global agenda. Declines in international commodity markets, financial speculation in low cereal stocks, dramatic weather events, soaring oil prices, ...
Transforming aquatic agricultural systems towards gender equality: a five country review
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research 2012
Aquatic agricultural systems (AAS) are systems in which the annual production dynamics of freshwater and/or coastal ecosystems contribute significantly to total household income. Improving the livelihood security and wellbeing of the ...
Feeding an urban world: a call to action
Chicago Council on Global Affairs 2013
This report focuses on the specific issue of urban food security, describing the demographic and environmental trends as well as food production and infrastructure challenges that impact supply and demand for food in urban areas. Befo...
Squeezed: life in a time of food price volatility, year 1 results
N. Hossain; R. King; A. Kelbert / Oxfam 2013
Half a decade after the price spike of 2007-2008, food price volatility has become the new norm: people have come to expect food prices to rapidly rise and fall, though nobody knows by how much or when. So what does the accumulation o...
The Hunger And Nutrition Commitment Index (HANCI 2012)
D. te Lintelo; L. Haddad; R. Lakshman / Hunger and Nutrition Commitment Index 2013
The 2012 HANCI report finds that low income countries like Malawi and Madagascar and lower middle income Guatemala, are leading the charge against hunger and undernutrition, whilst economic powerhouses such as India and Nigeria are fa...
Items 1 to 10 of 75

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