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Uganda and Health

  • Capital: Kampala
  • Population: 33398682
  • Size: 236040.0 Km2

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Governing health care in Uganda: explaining the mixed record on delivering rural maternal health services
Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre 2016
Uganda’s ruling party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM), came to power with a ‘Ten-Point Plan’. This outlined clear and specific ideas about what was needed to improve service delivery, and the role the pu...
Impact of a peer-counseling intervention on breastfeeding practices in different socioeconomic strata: results from the equity analysis of the PROMISE-EBF trial in Uganda
K.T. Eide 2016
Background: Undernutrition is highly prevalent among infants in Uganda. Optimal infant feeding practices may improve nutritional status, health, and survival among children. Objective:  Our  study  evaluates&...
Economic assessment of the impacts of climate change in Uganda. Briefing note: malaria prevalence in the districts of Tororo and Kabale
Climate and Development Knowledge Network 2015
An Economic Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change has been completed at the national level in Uganda. As part of this nation-wide study, this case study seeks to assess the impacts of climate change and their costs in the health...
Gender matters: overcoming gender-related barriers to prevent new HIV infections among children and keep their mothers alive
Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS 2016
Studies indicate that harmful gender norms and practices, cultural perceptions and beliefs surrounding pregnancy and childbirth, and a distrust of health-care services all can pose barriers to HIV prevention and treatment. In particul...
Access, Services and Knowledge (ASK) Programme - essential packages manual
Youth Empowerment Alliance 2014
The Essential Packages Manual was produced as part of the "Access, Services and Knowledge" (ASK) programme of the Youth Empowerment Alliance, which seeks to improve the sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) of young people (15-...
Uganda joint behaviour change communication survey
M.E. Figueroa; D. Storey; E. Kaggawa / Knowledge for Health 2015
This report discusses findings from a survey to evaluate health behaviour change communication interventions supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Uganda, under the AFFORD/Uganda Health Marketi...
HIV/AIDS vulnerabilities, discrimination, and service accessibility among Africa’s youth: insights from a multi-country study
Population Council, USA 2015
At the individual level, youth lack access to appropriate SRH [sexual and reproductive health] information and confidential, low-cost, and stigma-free SRH services. Institutional responses are hampered by sociocultural sensitivities t...
No small sacrifice: child sacrifice in Uganda, in a global context of cultural violence
KidsRights Foundation 2014
Every week, children in Uganda disappear when parents aren’t watching. Later, children are found dead or alive, with blood or body parts missing. In many of these cases, parts were removed by witch doctors when the children were...
Ebola Regional lesson learning
S. Thompson; L. Bolton / Health and Education Advice and Resource Team 2014
The Ebola outbreak currently affecting West Africa is the most serious trans-national medical emergency in modern times. It has the potential to become a global health crisis. Many of the countries affected already have weak health sy...
What is needed to eliminate mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS in Uganda?
HIV/AIDS Knowledge Management and Communication Capacity 2014
The virtual elimination of mother to child transmission (EMTCT) of HIV/AIDS is within Uganda's grasp, but it requires concerted effort and strategic investment from all levels of policy makers. Based on the findings of the KMCC EMTCT ...
Items 1 to 10 of 125

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