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Malawi and Manuals

  • Capital: Lilongwe
  • Population: 15447500
  • Size: 118480.0 Km2

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Group dialogue and critical reflection of HIV prevention: an evaluation of the C-Change Community Conversation Toolkit
C-Change 2012
Communication for Change (C-Change) set out to develop support tools that would foster interactive communication among low-literacy adults and prompt engagement on HIV prevention issues, including encouraging individual and group-orie...
Using entertainment education to promote self-efficacy and aspirations among young Malawians: the Tisankhenji Radio Program
Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa 2013
The Tisankhenji radio programme (see Related Summaries at bottom of page) aired from 2005 to 2008 and was designed to prevent HIV among young people in Malawi, especially girls age 10 to 14, by increasing self-efficacy, encouraging op...
South-south technology transfer low carbon building technologies: operational manual: vertical Shaft Brick Kiln (VSBK)
Knowledge Partnership Programme 2014
This manual describes the commissioning and operations of a Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln (VSBK). It outlines the standard methods for operating a VSBK. This Malawi specific operation manual is based on more than a decade long practical w...
South-south technology transfer low carbon building technologies - design manual: vertical shaft brick kiln (VSBK)
Knowledge Partnership Programme 2014
This manual aims at understanding and describing the needs for design methods that have arisen in response to interest in Malawi for the energy efficient and environment friendly brick firing technology i.e. the Vertical Shaft Brick K...
TARA BrickMek-Super User Manual
Knowledge Partnership Programme 2014
This user manual has been developed in response to the interest in Malawi in understanding the process of production of green bricks. It aims to describe the methods of production of green bricks through the TARA BrickMek-Super. The m...
Assessing rural transformations: piloting a qualitative impact protocol in Malawi and Ethiopia
J. Copestake; F. Remnant / Centre for Development Studies, Bath University 2014
This paper contributes to the literature on qualitative approaches to impact evaluation (QUIP) particularly in complex contexts. It reports on substantive and methodological findings from four pilot studies of a protocol for qualitati...
How to develop and promote food diversification and nutrition in Malawi
S. Nordin / Food & Nutrition Security and Permaculture in Malawi 2005
Tackling food insecurity in Malawi has moved away from emergency aid towards relief and recovery, with government policy looking at food diversification and nutrition. Produced following a nine-month study conducted in Malawi througho...
How to estimate a child’s age by using a local calendar of events
G. Kennedy; S. Kennedy; M.C. Dop / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2008
A child’s age is an essential piece of information for evaluating the many facets of the child’s nutritional status. Several core food security and nutrition indicators relating to children require age for their const...
A policy guide to ending girl child marriage
International Center for Research on Women, USA 2007
Girls who marry as children (younger than 18 years of age) are often more susceptible to the health risks associated with early sexual initiation and childbearing, including HIV and obstetric fistula. Lacking status and power, these g...
A clinicians guide to food support and nutrition interventions for people living with HIV
Family Health International 2007
The spread of HIV through many regions of the world is highlighting the complex and evolving relationship between food, HIV infection, and nutritional status. This guide is aimed at technical staff and clinicians providing concise pra...
Items 1 to 10 of 23

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