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Uganda and Manuals

  • Capital: Kampala
  • Population: 33398682
  • Size: 236040.0 Km2

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Access, Services and Knowledge (ASK) Programme - essential packages manual
Youth Empowerment Alliance 2014
The Essential Packages Manual was produced as part of the "Access, Services and Knowledge" (ASK) programme of the Youth Empowerment Alliance, which seeks to improve the sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) of young people (15-...
The Good School Toolkit
D. Naker (ed) / Raising Voices 2011
The Good School Toolkit contains a set of ideas and tools that will help educators explore what a good school is and guide them through a process that will help them create one. It was developed with the help of schools in Uganda and ...
A toolkit to assess proposed benefit sharing and revenue distribution schemes of community REDD+ projects
D. Mwayafu / REDD-net 2012
This toolkit aims to strengthen the ability of community-based institutions to address REDD+ issues, with benefit sharing being a key feature in the design of equitable REDD+ policies and projects at both national and community levels...
A handbook for those working in the community who supporting HIV prevention, care, support and treatment
International HIV/AIDS Alliance 2009
Uganda like many other developing countries, suffers from inequitable distribution of health workers between rural and urban areas and between public and private sectors. To strengthen the referral systems, people living with HIV have...
How to include the perspectives of persons with disabilities in the project cycle management
C. Naughton (ed) / Make Development Inclusive: mainstreaming disability in development cooperation 2008
Although one in five of the world’s poorest people are disabled, disability itself has not been included in world leaders’ plans to meet the millennium development goals. This manual is designed to be used during the proje...
How to choose a vocation based on market demand – a guide for youth
K. Bidwell; C. Galbraith; L. Haddad / Women's Refugee Commission 2008
Vocational training is at the intersection of economic recovery, education and rehabilitation and reintegration. It is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of youth and broader goals of economic reconstruction in post-conflict area...
Making the most of community based worker systems for effective service delivery
P. Mbullu / The African Institute for Community-Driven Development (Khanya-aicdd) 2007
Many communities in Africa are largely dependent on services provided by local people rather than by external agencies, including government. Such services include traditional birth attendants, traditional healers, farmer to farmer ex...
A policy guide to ending girl child marriage
International Center for Research on Women, USA 2007
Girls who marry as children (younger than 18 years of age) are often more susceptible to the health risks associated with early sexual initiation and childbearing, including HIV and obstetric fistula. Lacking status and power, these g...
Local solutions for local problems: advice for farmers in Uganda and Kenya
J. Bentley; R. Reeder; E. Boa / Department for International Development, UK 2006
This paper presents a series of fact sheets written by extension workers, farmers and researchers who attended training courses run by the Global Plant Clinic in July 2006. Using cases from Uganda and Kenya, each fact sheet offers adv...
Combining methodological approaches to understanding poverty dynamics
D. Lawson; D. Hulme; J. Muwonge / ESRC Global Poverty Research Group 2007
This paper draws from ongoing research that aims to genuinely combine qualitative and quantitative (?Q-Squared?) research methodologies to understand poverty dynamics in Uganda. Using existing nationally representative panel data, the...
Items 1 to 10 of 28

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