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Bangladesh and Migration

  • Capital: Dhaka
  • Population: 156118464
  • Size: 144000.0 Km2

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Gendered practices of remittances in Bangladesh: a poststructuralist perspective
S.R. Rashid / Migrating out of Poverty 2016
Bangladesh belongs to the top-ten remittance-receiving countries of the world with a yearly earning of US$15 billion. Comprising around ninety percent of the Bangladeshi overseas labour flow, men leave behind their spouses and childre...
The micro level impact of foreign remittances on incomes in Bangladesh: a measurement approach using the propensity score
Centre for Policy Dialogue, Bangladesh 2008
The importance of foreign remittances in the economy of Bangladesh is widely recognised and requires little reiteration. Along with the readymade garment (RMG) sector and non-farm activities in the agricultural sector, remittances hav...
Examining the impact of climate change on migration through the agricultural Channel: evidence from district level panel data from Bangladesh
K. Iqbal; P.K. Roy / South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics 2014
This paper studies how changes in climatic variables such as temperature and rainfall impact migration through agriculture. The researchers use district level data for 3 inter-census periods to analyse historical migration related out...
Climate and Development Outlook: Bangladesh Special Edition
E. Gogoi; K. Kakakhel / Climate and Development Knowledge Network 2014
This bulletin features a range of recent results and learning from the Climate & Development Knowledge Network’s (CDKN’s) programme to strengthen climate resilient development in Bangladesh. CDKN is working with the Go...
Behavior of Remittance Inflows and its Determinants in Banglades
N Begum 2012
At present, remittances play a crucial role in the economy of Bangladesh. At the macro level, it helps to relieve our foreign exchange constraint, stabilize the exchange rate movement, and improve the balance of payments. A comfortabl...
The state of environmental migration 2011
F. Gemenne / International Organization for Migration 2012
This report is the second volume in an annual series, which aims to provide regular assessments on the changing nature and dynamics of environmental migration. This volume focuses on cross-border displacement and the securitisation of...
Where the rain falls: climate change, food and livelihood security, and migration
K. Warner / United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security 2012
This comparative study highlights that rainfall variability and food insecurity are key drivers for human mobility. The empirical research is based on eight country case studies, including a 1,300 household survey and participatory re...
National Consultation on Institutional and Regulatory Reforms for Producing Nurses for Overseas Employment
T Siddiqui / Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh 2012
The main objective of this paper is to identify ways of creating a competitive edge for Bangladeshi nurses for both local and international markets. The specific objectives are; To create opportunity for increasing the number of and q...
Factors of Migration in Urban Bangladesh: An Empirical Study of Poor Migrants in Rajshahi City
K Farhana 2012
This paper examines the factors of rural-urban migration in Bangladesh. It is found that the underlying cause of migration is mainly driven by economic and social factors i.e., unemployment, poverty, political and ethnic conflicts, re...
Surviving Pattern of Women and Children Migrants in Urban Bangladesh
K Farhana / Bangladesh Online Research Network 2010
Migration is a relevant phenomenon with important implications at three different levels: local, regional and international. On the wider level, migration is tightly related with globalization and with the workflow of human resources ...
Items 1 to 10 of 44

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