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China and Migration

  • Capital: Beijing
  • Population: 1330044000
  • Size: 9596960.0 Km2

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Old-Age pension and extended families: how is adult children's internal migration affected?
X. Chen / Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn 2016
Old-age pension programs targeting the elderly may eventually benefit their extended families. However, no consensus has been reached on the growing body of literature that examines the potential impact of old-age pension on migration...
Engaging the highly skilled diaspora in home country development through knowledge exchange: concept and prospects
S.V. Siar / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2013
Strong negative reactions have been raised against the continuing and steadily increasing migration of highly skilled people from developing countries. There is, however, growing evidence that this outflow of skills and knowledge may ...
The impact of rural-urban migration on the health of the left-behind parents
X. Ao; D. Jiang; Z. Zhao / Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn 2015
Traditionally, rural China has relied on the family for old age support, partly due to the lack of a social safety network and partly due to cultural tradition. Since the reform and opening up in 1978, China has begun a period ...
Left behind, at risk, and vulnerable elders in rural China: what the RUMIC data reveal about the extent, causes, and consequences of being left behind
R. Connelly; M. Maurer-Fazio / Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn 2015
Migration of any distance separates family members for long periods of time. In China, an institutional legacy continues to privilege the migration of working-age individuals who often leave children and elders behind in the rural are...
Migrant unrest in china: an analysis
N. Hasija / Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, India 2011
China’s rising economic power is a constant irritant for the world at large; however, its lopsided growth has become an area of major concern for the Chinese government as well. With the establishment of large manufacturing unit...
Chinese migration in Africa
Y.J. Park / South African Institute of International Affairs 2009
With all the scholarly and media interest in the China/Africa relationship of late, it is somewhat surprising that so little has been written about Chinese migrants in Africa. What little is published in media reports often presents t...
Human Trafficking Sentinel Surveillance
United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking 2010
China is a key destination country for victims of human trafficking from Viet Nam. UNIAP’s Viet Nam – China Sentinel Surveillance assesses the situation of Vietnamese deportees being returned from China and, using this inf...
The health dimension of Asian migration to Europe - abridged report
T. Osteria; D. Carrillo; A.V. Sarli / Asia Foundation 2012
What are the public health implications of Asian migration to Europe?  This reort looks at a study undertaken in Madrid, Spain and Milan, Italy among Filipinos and Chinese, the two largest Asian migrant groups in those two cities...
The state of environmental migration 2011
F. Gemenne / International Organization for Migration 2012
This report is the second volume in an annual series, which aims to provide regular assessments on the changing nature and dynamics of environmental migration. This volume focuses on cross-border displacement and the securitisation of...
Rethinking “Ecological Migration” and the Value of Cultural Continuity: A Response to Wang, Song, and Hu
Springer 2010
Comment by J.M. Foggin, in response to: Wang Z.M., K.S. Song, and L.J. Hu. 2010. China’s largest scale ecological migration in the three-river headwater region. AMBIO 39 (5–6):443–446. The author argues that Ecological ...
Items 1 to 10 of 32

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