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China and Migration

  • Capital: Beijing
  • Population: 1330044000
  • Size: 9596960.0 Km2

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Migration and development in the Yangtze river delta?
Y. Ren / The International Centre for the Study of East Asian Development 2006
This paper outlines the socioeconomic and demographic profile in the Yangtze river delta area (YRDA) in China. The author explores the gradual evolution of the urban structure in the area and how migration affects it. The paper also d...
How internal migration can reduce poverty in Asia
P. Deshingkar / Overseas Development Institute 2006
This ODI paper finds that internal migration could contribute significantly to the reduction of poverty in Asia. However, new policies must be implemented to secure the status of the migrant workers and ensure benefits are distributed...
Having a sick parent influences labour supply in China
J. Giles; R. Mu / Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn 2006
As the population of potential care-givers to the elderly shrinks with the appearance of attractive migrant employment opportunities, many observers have expressed concerns for the well-being of the Chinese rural elderly. This paper e...
Internal migration and economic growth and development in Asia
P. Deshingkar / Asia 2015 Conference: Promoting Growth, Ending Poverty 2006
This paper explores the relationship between internal migration and economic growth and development in Asia, concentrating on four countries – China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia – and looks at ways in which greatest benefit...
Internal migration: lessons from Asia
International Organization for Migration 2005
This document is a report from the The Regional Conference on Migration and Development in Asia, held in Lanzhou, China from 14-16 March 2005. The report focuses on the migration and development experiences of a selected number...
Improving UK remittance services for migrants
Department for International Development, UK 2005
This report provides comparable and accessible information on the products and services available to people wanting to send money home from the UK to developing countries. The report aims to increase transparency on costs, speed of mo...
Main characteristics of labour migration in Asia
International Organization for Migration 2003
This book explores the new patterns and trends that are emerging in labour migration in Asia, which are affected by not just the labour market, but also national and social circumstances. It presents a compendium of labour migration p...
What are the causes of rural to urban migration in China?
Z. Zhao / China Center for Economic Research, Beijing 2003
While rural to urban migration has been a major feature of the development process in most developing countries, China has experienced this trend mainly since the economic reforms in 1978. Prior to the reforms, migration was limited a...
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