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India and Migration

  • Capital: New Delhi
  • Population: 1173108018
  • Size: 3287590.0 Km2

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Patterns and drivers of internal migration among youth in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam
M.F. Gavonel / Young Lives 2017
There is general consensus in literature on migration that migrants are primarily young people. During the transition to adulthood, young people make important choices regarding education, labour force participation, and famil...
Pushed aside: displaced for "development" in India
Nadine Walicki; Marita Swain / Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre 2016
By providing a first-hand account of development projects and business activities that have caused displacement across India, this report documents and analyses the scale, process and impacts of this phenomenon. It contributes to the ...
Engaging the highly skilled diaspora in home country development through knowledge exchange: concept and prospects
S.V. Siar / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2013
Strong negative reactions have been raised against the continuing and steadily increasing migration of highly skilled people from developing countries. There is, however, growing evidence that this outflow of skills and knowledge may ...
Nature and characteristics of seasonal labour migration: a case study in Mahabubnagar District of Andhra Pradesh
V. Korra / Centre for Development Studies, Kerala, India 2010
In India, migration from rural areas is an important issue that is gaining more significance year after year. Moreover, the extent, nature, characteristics and pattern of migration have been evolving over time. In fact,...
Impact of the global recession on migration and remittances in Kerala : new evidences from the Return Migration Study (RMS) 2009
K.C. Zachariah; S.I. Rajan / Centre for Development Studies, Kerala, India 2010
This study has brought to light some of the broad dimensions of the problems created by the global recession on Kerala emigrants – the number of emigrants who became unemployed, the number who lost jobs abroad, the number w...
Overseas recruitment in India: structures, practices and remedies
S.I. Rajan; V.J. Varghese; M.S. Jayakumar / Centre for Development Studies, Kerala, India 2010
The increasing number of emigrants from India for employment over years has resulted in intense transnational transfer of funds in favour of the country.1 The inward flow of remittances to India had been increasing steadily from the 1...
From Kerala via Kerala via the Gulf: emigration experiences of return emigrants
K.C. Zachariah; S.I. Rajan / Centre for Development Studies, Kerala, India 2011
This paper about return emigrants in Kerala is based on information on return emigrants collected by the Centre for Development Studies (CDS) through several of its recent large-scale household surveys. The term ‘...
Short duration migration in India: an appraisal from census 2001
V. Korra / Centre for Development Studies, Swansea 2011
Short duration migration has played a crucial role in enabling rural people to cope with the consequences of agrarian distress and devastated rural economic conditions. Seasonal migration, in particular, has always been a phenomenon g...
Climate change, livelihoods and health inequities: the vulnerability of migrant workers in Indian cities
S.D. Santha; S. Jaswal; D. Sasidevan; A. Khan; K. Datta; A.A. Kuruvilla / International Institute for Environment and Development 2015
This paper examines the vulnerability context of migrant workers’ in the informal sector in three Indian cities (Kochi, Surat, and Mumbai), specifically in terms of how their livelihoods interface with climate change and health ...
Economics behind forced labour trafficking: comprehensive case studies of child domestic labour and commercial sexual exploitation
Global March Against Child Labour 2014
Millions of children and young women are trafficked around the world for forced labour. Trafficking for forced labour as we define in our paper is not restricted to any particular form or industry - it takes place for commercial sexua...
Items 1 to 10 of 49

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