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South Africa and Migration

South Africa
  • Capital: Pretoria
  • Population: 49000000
  • Size: 1219912.0 Km2

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It’s not just Xenophobia Factors that lead to violent attacks on foreigners in South Africa and the role of the government
African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes 2011
South Africa attracts migrant foreigners because of its reputation as a free, democratic, and developing country. South Africa has long been considered a hub of employment for foreign workers lured by the diamond and gold industries s...
An alternative perspective on the emigration of highly skilled people from South Africa
T. Höppli / Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies, South Africa 2012
Emigra¤tion of highly skilled people has become an increasing concern in South Africa in recent years. While it is uncontested that there has been skilled emigrati¤on from South Africa, reliable and up-to-date figures on...
The interaction between informal land markets and ruralurban migration
D. Posel; C. Marx / Urban LandMark 2011
If accessing urban land through informal markets is one feature that characterises being poor in South Africa’s cities, another is migration. However, very little is known about how informal land markets influence migration patt...
Change the Story: Refugees and Migrants Speak Against GBV
This 3-part series of short radio dramas highlights factors that make refugees and migrant communities vulnerable to sexual violence, as well as the challenges they face when attempting to access care and treatment services. ...
Linking South Africa’s immigration policy and Zimbabwe diplomacy
A. Hammerstad / South African Institute of International Affairs 2011
Despite the various challenges, there has been little co-ordination of South Africa’s immigration policy towards Zimbabweans and its foreign policy towards Zimbabwe. The political significance and opportunities, both for SA and ...
Urban health in Johannesburg: The importance of place in understanding intra-urban inequalities in a context of migration and HIV
J. Vearey; I. Palmary; L. Thomas / Health & Place 2010
Developing country urban contexts present multiple challenges to those responsible for ensuring the good health of urban populations. These include urban growth, migration, informal settlements, intra-urban inequalities and – in...
The Zimbabwean Documentation Process: Lessons Learned
R. Amit / African Centre for Migration and Society 2012
Between September 20 and December 31, 2010, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) carried out the Zimbabwe Documentation Process (ZDP). Intended as a model for similar documentation projects that the DHA plans to extend to other catego...
Coordinated regional response to migration and health needed in Southern Africa
J. Vearey; L. Nunez / The Forced Migration Studies Programme, University of the Witwatersrand 2010
Southern Africa represents a region of diverse migration patterns including the movement of people within countries, across borders and between different continents. This paper focuses on South Africa, and explores the linkages betwee...
Economic growth and skilled migration in South Africa
S. Johnson; A. Altbeker; A. Bernstein / Centre for Development and Enterprise, South Africa 2010
This report makes the case for reducing South Africa’s skills shortages by recruiting large numbers of skilled migrants. The author believes that South Africa’s rate of economic growth can be accelerated by dramatically ex...
Questions over the South African immigration detention system
R. Amit / The Forced Migration Studies Programme, University of the Witwatersrand 2010
The Lindela Detention Centre in South Africa is a holding facility for the temporary detention of 'illegal foreigners' while they await deportation. This report argues that despite the authority's efforts to improve operations at the ...
Items 1 to 10 of 46

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