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United States and Migration

United States
  • Capital: Washington
  • Population: 310232863
  • Size: 9629091.0 Km2

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Trafficking in Persons in Latin America and the Caribbean
C. Ribando Seelke / Federation of American Scientists 2016
Trafficking in persons (TIP) for the purpose of exploitation is a lucrative criminal activity that is of major concern to the United States and the international community. According to the U.S. State Department, there may be ...
Women on the run: first-hand accounts of refugees fleeing El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 2015
The refugee crisis currently playing out around the world is almost unprecedented in living memory. Not since World War II have so many people been forcibly displaced. While conflict in Syria and the resulting flows of people seeking ...
United States immigration reform: what does it mean for Africa?
S. Firsing / Institute for Global Dialogue, South Africa 2013
Immigration reform is a highly contentious topic in the United States of America (US), a country historically described as a "melting pot" of nations but now seen more as a "salad bowl" because of its diversity. The US, like most coun...
The global challenge of managing migration
P. Martin / Population Reference Bureau 2013
The number of international migrants more than doubled between1980 and 2010, from 103 million to 220 million. In 2013, the number of international migrants was 232 million and is projected to double to over 400 million by 2050. ...
The state of environmental migration 2011
F. Gemenne / International Organization for Migration 2012
This report is the second volume in an annual series, which aims to provide regular assessments on the changing nature and dynamics of environmental migration. This volume focuses on cross-border displacement and the securitisation of...
Injustice on our plates: immigrant women in the U.S. food industry
M. Bauer / Southern Poverty Law Center 2010
SPLC researchers interviewed approximately 150 women who are either currently undocumented or have spent time in the U.S. as undocumented immigrants. The women all have worked in the U.S. food industry in Arkansas, California, Florida...
Effects of the global recession on immigrant integration programmes
E. Collett / Migration Policy Institute 2011
Attitudes and changes to migrant integration policies are differing substantially from country to country, in light of worldwide economic recession, and also in reaction to 2009 elections across Europe. Some countries are trying to mi...
Contradictory justifications in the US immigration detention system
S.J. Silverman / The Centre on Migration, Policy and Society at the University of Oxford 2010
This working paper investigates the legislative origins of the US immigration detention system. The document explains who has been subject to immigration detention, where the practice takes place, and what has lead to its rapid enlarg...
Stories and learning from alliance-based efforts to improve employment standards for women workers
D. Dalton / Oxfam 2007
Women workers are an increasing part of the global labour force. However, they often find only poor-quality employment, thus, they are working, but remain trapped in poverty. No matter the context, many women workers face multipl...
By 2050 the United State's racial and ethnic mix will look very different than today
J.S. Passel; D. Cohn / Pew Hispanic Center 2008
If current trends continue, the population of the United States will rise to 438 million in 2050, from 296 million in 2005.  Of this increase, 82% will be due to the both the arrival of immigrants and the births of their U.S.-bor...
Items 1 to 10 of 25

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