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Malawi and Norway

  • Capital: Lilongwe
  • Population: 15447500
  • Size: 118480.0 Km2

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Vulnerability to climate change and adaptation strategies of local communities in Malawi: experiences of women fish-processing groups in the Lake Chilwa Basin
H. Jørstad; C. Webersik / Earth System Dynamics 2016
In recent years, research on climate change and human security has received much attention among policy makers and academia alike. Communities in the Global South that rely on an intact resource base and struggle with poverty,...
Maize productivity and input subsidies in Malawi: a state-contingent stochastic production frontier approach
S.T. Holden; C.J. O'Donnell / Norwegian University of Life Sciences 2015
We make cross-sectional comparisons of productivity in a risky agricultural setting. To make meaningful comparisons, we find it necessary to define a new productivity index that satisfies important axioms from index number theory (e.g...
Evaluation of Norwegian support to capacity development
R. Lloyd / Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation - NORAD 2015
The report presents the results of an evaluation of Norwegian support to capacity development in public sector, aiming at assessing results of support to capacity development and to what degree it represents value for m...
Subsidies promote use of drought tolerant maize varieties despite variable yield performance under smallholder environments in Malawi
S.T. Holden; M. Fisher / Norwegian University of Life Sciences 2015
This study used a three-year panel dataset for 350 Malawian farm households to examine the potential for widespread adoption of drought tolerant (DT) maize varieties, a technology that holds considerable promise for helping smallholde...
Gender review of selected programmes in the agriculture portfolio of the Norwegian Embassy in Malawi
B. Maal / Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation - NORAD 2015
In Malawi, the Global Hunger Index classifies the food security situation as “serious”. Lack of food security causes child undernutrition and child mortality. Levels of malnutrition are alarmingly high. About half of all c...
Capacity building material for the realization of farmers rights in Malawi: farmers' rights related to plant genetic resources for food and agriculture in Malawi
J.C. Posada / Development Fund, Norway 2015
The capacity building material on Farmers’ Rights is framed within the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. The International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, ...
Food security in a climate perspective: what role could the private sector play regarding investment in smallholder agriculture in Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia
M.E. Bachke; R. Haug / Noragric, Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Norwegian University of Life Sciences 2014
The purpose of this study is to discuss different ways of implementing the "Food Security in a Climate  Perspective  strategy 2013-15" in  relation  to  support  to  private  sector  develo...
Exchanging fertilizer for votes?
N. B. Westberg / Norwegian University of Life Sciences 2015
Several countries have made targeted input subsidy programs an integral part of their policies for improving food security. Given the programs' ofte  centralized structure and targeting of private goods nation-wide, these may als...
Delivering climate services for farmers and pastoralists through interactive radio
K.J. Hampson / Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research 2014
A scoping study to assess demand, opportunities and potential for the use of interactive radio to deliver climate services at scale for farmers and pastoralists was conducted by CCAFS in partnership with Farm Radio International in Ta...
What climate services do farmers and pastoralists need in Tanzania?
J.Y. Coulibaly / Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research 2015
This report presents final findings from the baseline data collection exercise conducted for Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) Adaptation Programme in Africa. The GFCS programme, having a focus on agriculture, food security...
Items 1 to 10 of 71

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