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South Africa and Participation

South Africa
  • Capital: Pretoria
  • Population: 49000000
  • Size: 1219912.0 Km2

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Is South Africa’s democratisation really a success story?
R. Mattes / Southern African Regional Poverty Network 2007
South Africa is widely seen as one of the success stories of the so-called "Third Wave of Democracy". Whilst there is an increasingly widespread public perception that South Africa is providing a high level of democracy, the...
Lessons for civil society groups and donors interested in undertaking applied budget work
P. de Renzio; W. Krafchik / Overseas Development Institute 2007
This study examines the issues of budget accountability and budget policies. Within budget acountability it looks at budget groups’ impact on levels of budget transparency, public literacy and awareness of budget issues, an...
Listening to what people with HIV have to say
L Stackpool-Moore / Panos AIDS Programme 2006
This report from Panos outlines the findings from research done on the role of communications in social mobilisation around HIV, in South Africa, Namibia and Brazil. Based on oral testimony from members of actions groups campaigning o...
Community Investment Programme (CIP) in South Africa
N. Reynolds / The People's Agenda, South Africa 2006
This paper analyses the work of the Community Investment Programme (CIP) in South Africa. This programme works at providing linkages and opportunities for communities to become active partners of the state. The CIP advocates for the e...
What is the role for citizen participation in science and technology?
I. Scoones; M. Leach; K. Cockburn / Institute of Development Studies UK 2006
This IDS Policy Briefing argues that public engagement in scientific debates and policy processes is necessary to address how research agendas are framed and the social purposes they serve, and to ensure that poorer people and communi...
Moving towards participatory governance systems and public participation mechanisms in South Africa
E. Tadesse / Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation, South Africa 2006
This research paper critically investigates some of South Africa’s post-apartheid policy-making processes, in order to assess the extent to which ordinary citizens have been empowered to understand policies and articulate their o...
Comparing qualitative and quantitative research on poverty in KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa
M. Adato; F. Lund; P. Mhlongo / Q-Squared: Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches in Poverty Analysis 2005
The paper presents the methodology used in qualitative research on poverty in KwaZulu- Natal province in South Africa. It focuses on changes in the poverty status of households in the years following South Africa’s democratic tra...
A call for a return to women’s activism in South Africa
A. Gouws / African Gender Institute, South Africa 2004
The National Machinery for Women was systematically established in South Africa after the 1994 elections. This was largely as a result of the political pressure generated by the Women's National Coalition. Through tracking one particu...
Examination of participatory processes leading to the Berg River Dam in South Africa
L. Thompson / Institute of Development Studies UK 2005
This paper examines the participatory processes which led to the building of the Berg River Dam in South Africa’s western Cape province. The paper examines how local groupings strengthen, or are strengthened by, the nation...
Using participatory wealth ranking to define poverty lines in the Limpopo Province, South Africa
J.R. Hargreaves / Q-Squared: Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches in Poverty Analysis 2005
The authors of this paper argue that participatory wealth ranking (PWR) may be a useful tool to generate a thorough appraisal of poverty on a scale suitable for the generation of statistics that can be used to inform policy. The speci...
Items 1 to 10 of 33

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