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South Africa and Poverty

South Africa
  • Capital: Pretoria
  • Population: 49000000
  • Size: 1219912.0 Km2

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The BLDS poverty collection
The BLDS poverty collection
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Climate change, household vulnerability and smart agricukture: the case of two South African provinces
International Development Research Centre 2016
The impact of climate change disasters poses significant challenges for South Africa especially for vulnerable rural households. In South Africa there is dearth of knowledge of the impacts of climate change at the local level, especia...
The contribution of low-carbon cities to South Africa's greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals: briefing on urban energy use and greenhouse gas emissions
P. Wolpe; Y. Reddy / Stockholm Environment Institute 2015
South Africa is ranked among the world’s top 12 largest carbon dioxide (CO2) emitters, largely due to dependence on plentiful coal for electricity generation and an energy-intensive industrial and mining sector. Under the Copenha...
Integrated Urban Development Framework and Implementation Plan
Cooperative Governance & Traditional Affairs, Government of South Africa 2016
In 2009, the number of people living in urban areas surpassed the number living in rural areas, announcing the 21st century as the urban century. The world’s attention is on the pivotal role of cities and identifying  altern...
Large-scale social transfer and labor market outcomes: the case of the South African pension program
N. Matsuda / AgEcon Search 2016
Social transfer programs in low- and middle-income countries have been increasing. According to World Bank (2015), there are about 20 social safety net programs in an average developing country, and among various types of safety net p...
Sharing of social sectors experiences in IBSA: assessment of initiatives and way forward
B. Pandey / Research and Information System for Developing Countries 2015
The establishment of the India-Brazil-South Africa Trilateral Cooperation Forum (IBSA), formalised by the Brasilia Declaration in 2003 is a distinctive international trilateral development initiative to promote South- South cooperatio...
Feminist Africa e-spaces:e-politics
A. Mama (ed) / African Gender Institute, South Africa 2013
Feminist Africa (FA) is a continental gender studies journal that provides a platform for intellectual and activist research, dialogue and strategy. Currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, FA is guided by a profound commitment to ...
Living Cape: establishing sustainable human settlements
E. Margolese-Malin; T. Görgens; T. Jooste / Institute for Security Studies 2016
The provision of fully subsidised housing remains the standard form of housing assistance in the Western Cape for low-income households. Recent experience, unfortunately, has been one of fast-growing demand for subsidised housing outs...
Occupational health and safety and the poorest
F. Lund; A. Marriot / Women in Informal Employment Globalizing and Organizing 2011
This report addresses the role of employment in efforts to reduce poverty in the context of increased globalisation and its impacts on labour markets. Worldwide, countries are experiencing a decline of jobs with secure and lasting con...
Does ICT Benefit the Poor? Evidence from South Africa
S Klonner; P Nolen / Essex University 2008
We study the economic effects of the roll-out of mobile phone network coverage in rural South Africa. We address identifcation issues which arise from the fact that network roll-out cannot be viewed as an exogenous process to local ec...
Methodologies and tools for integrated infrastructure planning and rural development in South Africa
Korea Development Institute 2012
As the sole member of G20 from the African continent, South Africa boasts with the biggest market among the 53 countries in Africa. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of South Africa accounts for approximately 25% of total GDP in Africa and...
Items 1 to 10 of 296

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