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Bangladesh and Questioning development

  • Capital: Dhaka
  • Population: 156118464
  • Size: 144000.0 Km2

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Is hazard-free e-waste recycling possible?
S.U. Ahmed / Bangladesh Online Research Network 2011
This study aims at examining the current practice of recycling e-waste in the informal sectors of Bangladesh and identifying the problems towards development of a system of hazard-free e-waste recycling in the country. It ...
Developing an e-waste management policy
S.U. Ahmed / Bangladesh Online Research Network 2011
Electronic waste is becoming a serious threat for our surrounding environment. Integrated initiatives are needed to fight this growing concern in Bangladesh. Within this background, this paper is the second in a series, aimed at calcu...
'Unlearning' conventional wisdoms to remove paradigm blockages
N. Uphoff; J. Combs / Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture, and Development 2001
How often has evidence that supported a new explanation been ignored or rejected when it did not conform to the accepted way of thinking about a particular problem? The authors describe this situation as a "paradigm blockage". This pa...
Items 1 to 3 of 3

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