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Iraq and Questioning development

  • Capital: Baghdad
  • Population: 29671605
  • Size: 437072.0 Km2

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Compilation of documents examining countries' obstacles to human security
R. Bissio / Social Watch 2004
Acknowledging that it is impossibe to answer many specific questions on current events, this report aims to make its own contribution to the debate by examining which grassroots organisations around the world are engaged in the frontl...
Over one hundred thousand excess civilian deaths since the 2003 invasion of Iraq
L. Roberts; R. Lafta; R. Garfield; J. Khudhairi; G. Burnham / The Lancet 2004
This survey compares civilian mortality rates Iraq during the period of before the invasion and compares this with the rates after the invasion. The authors estimate that 98,000 more deaths than expected happened after the invasion ou...
Iraq factsheet
US Agency for International Development 2003
This factsheet lists the background humanitarian situation in Iraq before the 2003 war and recent assessments by area and sector. Areas include: Umm Qasr Al Basrah Northern Iraq Sectors as...
Why the official projections underestimate cost of Iraq war
C. Kaysen; M. Miller; M. Malin; W. Nordhaus; J. Steinbruner / American Academy of Arts and Sciences 2002
Starting from the premises that this paper does not and cannot either measure the extent to which military action today may reduce the threat of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction in the future or estimate the increase or decrease in r...
Humanitarian impacts of war in Iraq
Eldis Questioning Development Resource Guide 2003
Collection of documents forecasting the humanitarian consequences of the current war on Iraq. Common to these are assertions that: as a result of 12 years of sanctions, the Iraqi population is far more vulnerable...
War on Iraq is manifestly illegal and constitutes a crime against peace
Center for Economic and Social Rights, USA 2003
The central question that this report seeks to answer is: can the U.S. and U.K lawfully attack Iraq—either with Security Council approval or, in the absence of such approval, on the basis of previous Council resolutions or under ...
Items 1 to 6 of 6

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